13 Weird Things That Usually Happen In a Woman’s Body That We Never Knew

5The X chromosome is a part of a good immune system

Scientists at the Gent’s University observed in a research that the X chromosome which is responsible for the birth of a baby girl has more micro-RNA. This helps to strengthen the immune system of a female baby and decreases the risk of diseases like cancer.

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6Women bear up sickness and pull through more easily

Scientists at the McGill University Research Centre on Complex Traits observed that the estrogen, the hormone found present more in females than males had the ability to suppress inflammation in the body. This meant that when women get ill, their bodies cope and bear the illness better. It also helped them to recover faster. Estrogen also slowed down the pace of aging and could help women live longer.

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7The symptoms come and go with age

When females reach their early teens, this is the time they are most likely to experience PMS or premenstrual syndromes. The same symptoms may be experienced in equal intensity in their forties because this is when a female experiences the biggest hormonal changes in the body. PMS symptoms could also result in possible headaches, skin changes, and muscle or joint pain.

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8Women can spot alpha females

Yes! Women are wired biologically to be able to spot an alpha female. From a biological perspective, females are more likely to cooperate and get along in a group to keep the peace as compared to males. An alpha female will always be present to maintain decorum and social behavior. She will also act as a peacekeeper in the group. But how is an alpha woman spotted?

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