11 Things That Explain the Main Differences Between Men and Women

5Women get drunk faster than men

It’s true that women can get drunk quickly. It’s a well-known fact that women get drunk faster than men, but not many know the real reason why. The main reason is that the female body isn’t able to fight alcohol as well as the male body. This causes the effects to take place faster.


There is a particular enzyme in the body which fights and destroys alcohol before it can enter the bloodstream. However, there is less of this enzyme in a woman/s body which is why more alcohol gets into their bloodstream. Due to their low-resistance to alcohol, women get intoxicated faster.

Women get drunk faster than men

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6There is a different sequence to how men and women dress

Women generally dress up from top to bottom. They first put on a shirt or a blouse and then their pants or a skirt. Not many know about this interesting fact or they fail to notice it. Men normally put on their socks or jeans/pants first and then only do they put on their short or t-shirt.

Different sequence to how men and women dress

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7Unlike men, women aren’t risk-takers

Women have always had the tendency to be more worried about others which is why they are considered as “caregivers”. Men are the exact opposite in terms of taking risks. Men absolutely love taking risks and once they have made up their mind about something there is very little that can be done to stop them. They kind of follow the phrase- “You live only once”, which doesn’t exactly lead to any good.

Unlike men women aren’t risk-takers

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8Women love to cook for their men

When girls get into a relationship, they develop the tendency to start feeding their boyfriends well. This kind of behavior may stem from their desire to show how good they are at being housewives. Women can have the opinion that other women won’t pay much attention to a man if he is a little plump. Being a little plump won’t make his girlfriend love him any less, but it would surely make him a bit undesirable to other women.

Women love to cook for their men

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