15 Things One Can Replace In Order To Keep The World From Drowning In Plastic

11One-Time use shaving razors

Disposable razors are often used by travelers or people who want cheap shave every day. But using these razors is not as good as they are not recyclable. Though these razors may come cheap, it causes a big harm to the planet. Better invest in a good quality steel razor, which lasts a lifetime and uses razor blades, which are recycled to make new ones.

One-Time use shaving razors

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Many dentists suggests to change toothbrushes every six months, this means millions of toothbrushes are dumped every year and majority of them are made on non-recyclable plastic. 100 years or even 200 hundred years from now on, these toothbrushes will exist in the same form as it was when you got rid of it. Therefore better invest in bamboo toothbrushes or brushes made of biodegradable plastic.


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13Face Scrubs

Sometimes, cheap face scrubs do not use naturally occurring ingredients to help rub your face and keep it fresh. Unless mentioned on the packaging, little parts of the facial scrub that leave your face clean, fresh, and baby-soft are made up of plastic. These are not only major ocean pollutants but are also bad on your face.

Face Scrubs

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14Pods for Coffee

Coffee pods are one of the major contributors to landfill plastic pollution. Everyday millions of coffee pods are used everywhere in the world. Using this shortcut method is not good for mother Earth and even the oceans as the pods are not made up of good quality plastic which is often biodegradable. Instead, use reusable pods for coffee or use a jezve. It may take a little more time, but the coffee will be more flavorful and less harmful on environment.

Pods for Coffee

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15Plastic curtains and liners for showers

Shower curtains are made up of harmful PVC material and hence have that awful smell to it. They have a bad effect on your health and once you dump them for new ones, they are going to stay that way for hundreds of years to come in a landfill. PVC releases chemicals as it disintegrates and these chemicals are harmful to Earth. Instead, opt for PVC-free curtains and other bathroom accessories.

Plastic curtains and liners for showers

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