10 Things your iPhone earphones can do which was a secret

Apple’s flagship iPhones have taken the world by storm since their launch in the year 2007. World over people have brought the Apple’s product that has made many other things obsolete like the cassette and mp3 player, alarm clock, even the camera. The breakthrough design and out of the world user experience has made the iPhone the elitist of all mobile phones in the world.


The phone often comes with a hands-free earphone set that can be used to listen to music and you can even talk on calls without having to stick the phone to your ear. But there are more things you can do with the earphones that come with your iPhone. Here are 10 such unknown tricks you can do with the help of iPhone headphones.

1 Play or Pause a song video

Most people use the onscreen buttons in order to play any song and/or pause a running song. The iPhone has a brilliant music player with a very simple graphic interface. The phone is known for its great and satisfying music experience and the headphones that come with it are also known for their quality. You can use the controls on the earphones in order to play or pause a song. Just press the centre button on the control to pause a playing song or play a paused or next song.

Play or Pause a song

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2 Skipping a song

Similarly, if you know the song list in your music player by heart and know that a song which you currently don’t like is coming up, simply click the center button two times in order to skip a track, like you will do with a computer mouse, double click it.

Skipping a song

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3 Fast forward to the main part

You are listening to your favorite e-book right now and want to get over to the juicy part, instead of listening to all the build-up to the main event, all you need to do is click the center button twice and hold down for the second click. Let go when you think you have reached the desired part of the audio.

Fast forward to the main part

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4 Get back to the part you missed

If you were too engrossed reading the magazine that you missed your favorite song or missed your favorite part of the podcast, do not worry! In order to rewind the audio track, click the center button 3 times and hold on the third click until you rewind it to the desired position.

Get back to the part you missed

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5 Take picture

Yes! You might not know it, but other than the onscreen camera button to click a snap of anything or take a selfie, you can also use the earphones to click a pic for you. In order to do so, open the camera app and point it at the object of interest and then press any of the volume buttons to click a snap.

Take picture with your earphone

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6 Ask Siri for help

Siri is the artificial assistant that is voice activated and does come to help in lots of ways. It lets you add reminders, alarms, and notes, gets news for you, reads it and does everything at your command. To activate Siri and ask its help, you need to press and hold the center button on the earphones and for making a call, you need to speak out the name of the contact you want to call.

Ask Siri for help

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7 Answer a call

Answering a call on an iPhone without an earphone is simple, just take out your phone and slide the notification across in order to pick up a call. It is even made simpler if you are using your earphones, as you can just click the middle button in order to answer the call.

Answer a call using your earphone

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8 How to end a call

If you are done talking on your iPhone, you can press the red notification on the screen and cut the call. But if you want to cut the call using the earphones, all you need to do is press the center button again.

How to end a call

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9 Adjust the volume

You are listening to your favorite song and suddenly outside noise becomes unbearable, just click on the + sign on the earphones in order to increase the volume and if you find it too much, click on the – sign to lower the volume.

Adjust the volume

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10 Go back to previous song

You just added a new awesome song and have got hooked onto it and need to hear it again, just click the center button 3 times and you will go back to the previous song, without the hassles of unlocking your iPhone and doing it on the music player’s screen.

Go back to previous song

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