15 Things Fake People Do and How to Spot Them

Everyone has that one person in their group who just says anything to fake about their life. You may secretly think sometimes that you may be wrong about them, but it is not that hard to really identify whether someone is fake or not. Such relationships surely have their consequences. Firstly, it is hard to trust people who aren’t their original self. This means you need to limit the amount of information or problems you share with them and sharing good news with them isn’t even an option too. There are people who pretend to care about others or try to please the people around them but it can have a negative effect on you. If you doubt that someone fake has entered your life, you should choose to move them out.


You should not waste your time on friends or family members who pretend to care about you but in reality they don’t, life is too short to waste time on such people and fake friends. Here are 15 signs of fake people.

1Fake people make plans they don’t keep

You must have surely experienced running into an old friend on the streets and making a plan to catch up to talk about the old days. They show that they are very excited to see you and talk about the things they are doing, but this meet up never really happens. This is one of the societies real problems- people never keep up to the commitments they make. This is hardcore proof of the type of people you intend to keep any sorts of relationship with.


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2Fake people are only around when it’s convenient for them

There are those type of friends, who only call you when they need you or need a favor from you. They will tell you to meet them at a mall but you have to drive as their car is being fixed in a shop. They even invite you to dinner because one of their friends already bailed on them and the place is already reserved. This can form a kind of pattern which is not good for friendship and being at someone’s beck and call is not anyone’s choice.


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3Fake people disappear when needed most

The trick of disappearing is one of the most common features of fake people. They hang around with you when they need your help in something, but when you need a favor from them, you will not be able to contact them in such situations.


They won’t even work out a way to help out another person who is in need. It surely doesn’t have to be a favor which is life-changing, it could be simple like asking for a lift to the garage to pick up your car, etc. You would surely do it for them, so why can’t they do it for you?

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4Fake people don’t listen when you talk

These type of friends usually pretend to listen to you when you talk to them but they are actually busy on their phone, or updating their social media statuses or conversing with someone else on the phone while he is accompanying you. Even when they are not busy on the phone they don’t even bother listening to you.

They would usually space out or give some sort of response which indicates that they aren’t really paying attention to what you’re saying. This kind of relationship can be existing and which you should avoid maintaining.


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5Fake people pretend not to be upset about things

Any person, who says that they rarely get angry or mad at anyone or anything, is completely fake. Every person surely gets mad by something or the other. But when fake people are wearing their mask to cover up their actual personality, this is their plan to make others believe that they are someone else when they actually aren’t.


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