12 Things Every Woman Who Respects Herself Will Never Skimp On

The signs of a woman who really appreciates her true worth show through the lifestyle she lives and the choices she makes daily. This could be in regard to her health, career, looks and grooming or even finding good friends and loyal partners. She will invest a lot of time and energy in selecting the best of the crop which would boost her ego and morale and make her the best version of herself. This isn’t to say that if you don’t go on a buying spree, or indulge yourself, you don’t respect yourself, it’s just that these are the things that truly matter for your health, your looks and style and basic lifestyle comfort that won’t add to the stress of daily living.


1A good mattress

It might sound frivolous but a good sleep cycle and rest routine for women with a hectic schedule is much more important than a gym membership. A cheap mattress may lead to back and shoulder pains and chronic posture defects. Saying this though, even if it’s a cheap king single mattress that’s appealing, it could be the quality that has helped make this decision. So there’s nothing wrong with saving a bit of money when it comes to buying a mattress. In fact, experts recommend changing the mattresses every 8 years as they have the tendency to sag and obviously can’t support the S shape of our spine. The choices are varied here, always try to take a semi-firm mattress, but if you are a light sleeper and do a lot of tossing and turning at night, a firm mattress might be better for you. In case you are a gifted sleeper, a mattress with memory foam is the best for you as it takes the body shape and makes you comfortable in any posture you sleep.

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2Thermal underwear

A good pair of thermal underwear is a sound investment as it makes you look fit and smart and avoids the need of wearing too many layers to cut out the chill. But here too the lifestyle defines the kind of thermals you must invest in. There are 3 types here to choose from. The first one is for people who have a comparative sedentary and low physically active lifestyle. They must choose their thermals made of wool or fleece. If you’re interested in learning more about thermal underwear, The Adventure Lab has written a great guide on thermal underwear here.

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Gym goers should wear moisture removing fabric

On the other hand, if you are a gym rat or have a very active and physical lifestyle with a lot of sweat-inducing exercises you must go for moisture removing fabrics such as synthetic materials which also avoid overcooling of body sweat after a workout. Thirdly, people with a lifestyle falling in between the earlier 2 spectrum must go in for single or double layers of synthetic fabric with a thin layer of fleece or wool. This would be perfect for fighting daily city chills. Most importantly the size of the thermals is as important as the fabric itself. The thermals must be fitting and not too loose or tight because it directly affects how warm or cold your body would feel and after all that’s the idea of getting a good pair of thermal underwear’s in the first place right?

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3A phone case

Today there are a thousand different types of phone cases available for each model of smartphones. It is here you must invest in a shiny but classy phone cover because that’s what’s visible to everyone when you are out in the world commuting, at work or socializing. Nowadays you can even get a Personalisierte Handyh’lle (personalised phone case) printed with an image of your choosing. Cheap ones get scratched and discolored easily which immediately reduces the value of your great phone as well as to some extent you as well. It is like chipped nail paint, no matter how costly the paint if it’s chipped it gives a poor impression to everyone.

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Drinking healthy water is a double-edged sword these days. If you drink direct tap water you are exposing yourself to germs and toxins whereas if you boil your water, it has already killed the natural minerals and salts present in it. The minerals usually settle down at the bottom of the glass which means the water now is safe from toxins but devoid of any natural nutrients as well. What to do? Well, the answers lies in buying mineral water bottles and keep them stacked always or get natural spring waters outside the city limits and hoard them as much as possible before you make another trip outdoors.

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