Things Could Always Be Worse


Think you are the only one having a bad day? Hold that thought for a moment because you are not alone. Sometimes the only thing that needs to make a bad day better is a smile. These are some weird, but totally true stories from around the world about what a real bad day could be like.

1 Scuba Dive

While assessing the harm done by a forest fire, Californian fire authorities discovered a corpse in a burned-out section of forest. The deceased person was a male clothed in a complete wet suit, face mask, flippers and even scuba tanks strapped to his back. When the autopsy was performed, it revealed the shocking information that the man had not died from burns, but from extreme internal injuries. Dental records identified who the person was, and the investigation took a turn to find out how a fully equipped diver found himself into the throngs of a forest fire. They in turn found out that the man had gone diving off the coast about 20 miles from the forest on the day the fire started. Firefighters had radioed in a fleet of helicopters with huge dip buckets, and water was brought from the ocean to put out the flames from air, so I think you can imagine the rest. One minute the poor diver was enjoying the Pacific and the next, he was swimming in a fire dip bucket 300 feet in the air.
It really doesn’t pay to get out of bed sometimes.

Scuba Die

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