These thrilling new Images of clouds hovering on Pluto are really splendid!

A recent discovery by the scientists of NASA has proved to be really significant in the realm of scientific discoveries. Jacob Aron of New Scientist has acquired some images where it appears that Pluto, which is known to be one of the coldest bodies in the solar system, comprises of clouds. This duly signifies that there must be a good amount of atmospheric activity that is taking place on the planet.

1 Pluto with clouds- is it really true?

Though the pictures taken from New Horizons (the spacecraft which was launched to do the flyby probe of the Pluto system) are yet to be confirmed for details, the scientists claim that they have seen atmosphere around Pluto to be hazy and cloudy, which means that there might be clouds hovering around the planet. Now it remains to be confirmed that what appears to be clouds on Pluto are really clouds or something else. This is a new mission that all scientists have claimed to work on, as it may be a significant discovery for all.

Pluto with clouds- is it really true?

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