These newborn babies challenged death and survived in extraordinary conditions


The heroes of this article are newborn babies who have endured terrible trials immediately after birth. Some of them had a shot in the chest and spent three days without food or water. Some babies were falling from the eighth floor, or spending a night in the lair. Despite all this, they stayed alive.

1 Newborn child found in a bathroom drain

A resident of an apartment heard the cries of a child somewhere in the drain pipes of the toilets in the building and immediately called the police. The rescue operation lasted two hours and was presented by all Chinese media, besides the news quickly spread through the Internet. The baby was stuck in a pipe of 10 inches in diameter and the team had to open the pipe a few millimeters from the newborn’s body. The baby still had the placenta, scratches and torn skin parts on the body. Before having a family to give him a name, he was known as the newborn number 59, which was the number of incubator in which he was placed. Many people came to the hospital with diapers, baby clothes, milk powder and everything the baby need. Few people wanted to adopt this little victim. Police have opened a case of attempted murder against the mother who dropped the child down the drain.

Newborn child found in a bathroom drain

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