These most harmful drugs can make your life hell – STAY AWAY

It is the 21st century and drugs became a part of everyday life. They are easy to get, getting cheaper and the effects are momentous and extreme. Everybody likes a little party time but sometimes partying can end up in death.

1 Heroin

“The queen of drugs”; it is an opioid analgesic and is actually made of opium poppy which was cultivated in Mesopotamia 3500 BCE. During the 19th century, opium’s strongest activity was attributes to two alkaloids – morphine and codeine. It can be used in medical and recreational purposes and, in the street, it’s known as horse, H, smack, tar, etc. Heroin is popular in oral use, use by injection or smoking or by insulation. The drug is responsible for thousands of deaths every year and includes serious side effects such as seizures, abnormal behavior and sometimes sudden death.


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