These interesting stories about trees will change your views towards them

These are the stories about some of the oldest and biggest trees that managed to keep entire bars and chapels in their stems. Some of them were part of hanging executions, others were witnessing historic events, but all of them are equally fascinating.

1 Prison Trees

The huge 1500-year-old Boab tree in the city of Derby, West Australia, isn’t like most trees you have seen. The tree indeed seems like an old dungeon, and because of that it is rumored to have been used to temporarily lock up indigenous Australian prisoners on their way to Derby for sentencing. But, this Boab tree in Derby isn’t the only one in Australia. In Wyndham, West Australia, there is yet another hollow Boab tree that was used as a prison. The local police had reportedly used this tree to lock up Aboriginal prisoners on their way to Wyndham for sentencing. Today these trees are just a tourist attraction.

Prison Trees

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