These college degrees can help you make better career

When picking college, one of the most important things is to know whether you are picking the paying off option, because let’s face it – you can study the course you want but you also have to think for your financial future. These are the college degrees that are most likely to pay off once you get your degree.

1 English language and literature

Having a degree in any kind of artistic or expressive field is the least likely degree to land you a job straight out of college (hence the common necessity for grad school). But of all degrees in the arts stream (art, film, music, etc.), an English degree is most likely to get you a job in a company you didn’t create yourself on Ebay or Youtube. Being the most literate art, there is demand for individuals who can communicate clearly on paper and there are myriad fields within communication that cherish such a skill (after all, not every skilled person can write well). A few examples are: public relations, journalism, advertising, and a variety of other positions that call for clarity of voice and powerful resonance.

English language and literature

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