These are 10 best places to celebrate New Year, go anywhere and be sure to have a blast!

New Year’s Eve is something that is celebrated by everyone regardless the person’s nationality or culture. Everyone starts planning for it along with Christmas and wants to celebrate it with their friends and family.


Everyone wants their first day of New Year to begin with joy, happiness and positivity and hence they welcome it by celebrating the New Year’s Eve to the maximum. Some enjoy it by spending time at their home with their loved ones, while some enjoy it by visiting ski resorts, beaches or vacationing at the most happening places to welcome the New Year.

Speaking of happening places, here are the 10 best places to celebrate New Year; you can choose to go anywhere from this and you will surely have a blast there on the New Year’s Eve.


1 Sydney, Australia

One of the few places where the New Year arrives first due to the time difference, the city of Sydney in Australia is one of the best places to celebrate New Year.

People throng to the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge, which lights up at the stroke of midnight in fireworks, which make a great view for all the visitors. The firework productions of the Harbor Bridge and the nearby buildings are considered one of the best in the world.

Also you get to celebrate New Year’s Eve earlier than most people in the world.

Sydney, Australia

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2 Hong Kong

Hong Kong has Victoria Harbor to bring in the New Year. The festivities and celebrations of Victoria Harbor are considered to be one of the best in the whole world.

And if you are in the mood to witness a pyrotechnics show that is a worthy rival to Sydney’s Harbor Bridge display, you got to watch the Victoria Harbor fireworks show from either a boat in the ocean or from any of the bars situated in the Lan Kwai Fong district.

Rooftops surrounding the harbor emit series of shooting stars for people to make wishes. You also get to celebrate New Year’s twice, since Hong Long also celebrates the bringing in of the Chinese New Year along with the traditional New Year.

Hong Kong

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3 Bangkok, Thailand

Another new option for spending the New Year’s Eve is the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok. Known mostly for its beautiful shopping markets and a bustling metropolis, Bangkok offers a lot when it comes to New Year festivities.
The venue is the Central World Square which includes a massive light show, live concert and video screening projections for the crowd of hundreds and thousands. The midnight comes with lots of fireworks along the riverside.

Bangkok, Thailand

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4 Edinburg, Scotland

Not very far from London is Edinburg, Scotland, a great place in Europe to spend New Year’s Eve. Hogmanay- the Scottish word for the last day of the year is the longest New Year celebration that includes 3 days of party.

It comes with indie bands, traditional music and one of the biggest renditions of Auld Lang Syne. Don’t forget to end the day by taking the plunge in the River Forth, but not before watching the fireworks and pyrotechnic displays on the stroke of midnight.

Edinburg, Scotland

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5 London, England

Another place to celebrate New Year’s Eve is London, England. More than 250,000 people get together on the banks of River Thames in order to count down the time to welcome the arrival of the New Year at the Big Ben.

As the clock strikes 12, fireworks display takes off and an elaborate light show takes place. The party continues to the day with marching bands, a 3 hour parade, costumed dancers and a procession of the Queen’s horses.

London, England

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6 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you want to really party on New Year’s Eve, you need to be in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Known for its already famous carnival, the iconic Copacabana beach hosts the biggest New Year’s Eve party in the world, which is attended by over 2 million people.

The unique Brazilian celebration which is known as the Reveillon, is the mixture of religious, traditional and superstitious beliefs. There are stages built on the ocean front in order for live music and dance performances and fireworks display in the night.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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7 Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is well known for its beaches. Therefore people also find the ambience and the atmosphere a perfect place to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The hotels and resorts arrange for a huge scale fireworks display over the waters of the ocean.


The beach side resorts plan for special activities and shows for entertaining the guests and booze is available nonstop. People can also go on a boat cruise to enjoy the view from the waters.

Hawaii, USA

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8 Las Vegas, USA

Known as the official party town of the USA, Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and hotels. It sees more than 300,000 visitors who want to celebrate the arrival of New Year in the town.

The mile long strip of road through the town is closed down at 6pm on December 31st for people who want to enjoy the evening walking around the town. They can enjoy the evening by drinking, mingling with the locals and watching various firework shows around the town.


Also many of the casinos, hotels and bars offer different types of shows and activities for guests.

Las Vegas, USA

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9 Paris, France

Paris is known as the city of lights and the place lives up to the name when it comes to hosting great New Year’s Eve parties. The New Year is welcomed at Nouvelle Année on the Champs-Élysées, in what is supposed to be the biggest party in the country.

The party is a street party with lots of champagne, chocolates and some high quality fireworks. There is also a less crowded alternative for people at Montmarte that gives a pleasant and quiet view of firecrackers or a dinner cruise on the Seine.

Paris, France

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10 New York City, New York

Probably the best place to bring in the New Year is to be at the Times Square in New York City. The New Year’s Eve party on the streets of New York City is rivaled by only a handful of places in the world.

The main event is the music show by top musicians and gathering of millions of people at the Times Square in order to watch the ball drop, an actual 12 foot wide crystal ball weighing 12,000 pounds descends as per as the count down towards New Year begins.

These are really the best places to celebrate New Year around the world and the places become extra special if you are with some special people; be it your partner, friends or family members. Welcome the New Year at any of these places and you will definitely not forget that experience.

New York City, New York

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