These 7 lavish Christmas trees of 2015 will stun you beyond imagination!


It is December and as it snows, countries around the world await the arrival of Christmas. Every year, Christmas celebrations help people get together, meet near and dear ones, and celebrate the feeling of oneness. Small things like the arrival of Santa Claus with a bag full of gifts, the Christmas Carols being sung on the streets and the countless delicacies and cakes baked in each house reveal the beauty of Christmas. Children take great pleasure in decorating the Christmas tree and hanging the stockings.

It is just about two weeks short of Christmas and the nations of the world have come up with some truly impressive and lavish Christmas trees that will leave any viewer or onlooker stunned. Read along to know what is so unique about these extravagant Christmas trees this year.

1 Christmas Tree at Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

As a child, if you have enjoyed playing with Lego Blocks, this spectacular Christmas tree at Federation Square is going to leave you stunned. This fabulous Christmas tree is made by combining half a million Lego bricks.


This dazzling Christmas tree soars 10m high, making it the largest Lego Christmas tree in the Southern Hemisphere.Chris Steininger, the Lego Master Builder is going to design a fresh new star for this Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree at Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

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