These 15 moments will restore you faith in humanity


The world is boiling with violence it seems, and in such a scenario the hopes of finding compassion and humanity appear hazy. Many moments of small compassionate acts may go unnoticed in the war-stricken world, but here we are about to show you some great moments in which humanity won, love conquered hatred and resulted in the victory of heart over brain. Take a look:

1 Spanish Civil War, 1936

A journalist here is seen running with a child with him, taking him away from the centre of the violence. The war which started with a military uprising in 1936 resulted in the division of the country into two groups. The animosity present in the Spanish atmosphere seemed to have not deterred this man to do what he thought was right. And indeed, he did the right thing.

Spanish Civil War, 1936

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2 Tunisian Revolution, 2011

The cuteness level of this photograph is too high. When the army refused to fire on innocent citizens, this girl gave a rose to one of the soldiers and told him that this would defend the revolution. One small rose from a small child resulted in a big smile from this big man.

Tunisian Revolution, 2011

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3 Gorazde, 1995

This Bosnian soldier here is seen with a baby he had saved during the evacuation of Gorazde. Compassion in his eyes is all too visible. Hard times bring out the best in people, and this is what happened here.

Gorazde, 1995

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4 Korean War, 1951

Private Dick L. Powell made this amazing gesture and shared his food with a puppy that seemed really hungry. Truly not every man would be able to do that. But as they say, a dog is a man’s best friend, and who would let his best friend go hungry?

Korean War, 1951

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5 Afghanistan War, 2001-2014

The area which had been in a constant state of turmoil for a really long time surely had some people with hearts. A soldier rescued this baby from one of the areas of violence. The violence may take an upper hand during the times of war, but nothing can stop a compassionate man from saving a person who needs to be saved and feel secured. And this is the core human emotion because of which wars can end.

Afghanistan War, 2001-2014

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6 Cold War Era

The formation of the Berlin Wall created two parts of Germany, but this soldier here defied the order to not let anyone pass to the other side, and let this boy go and unite with his family. Though, he seemed scared to be doing it, but still he heard the call coming from his heart.

Cold War Era

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7 Korea, 1951

A small little fella knows what is to be done; here heis holding the hands of a blind old man and helping him walk safely. The seeds of compassion should be sowed early in children, they are the quickest learners. Such children can guarantee a brighter, safer and peaceful future.

Korea, 1951

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8 Korean War, 1950-1953

This little kitten probably lost its mother, so Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor took it upon himself the responsibility to feed it. They both seem to have found their comforting angels. The Sergeant got a friend and the kitten got a saviour.

Korean War, 1950-1953

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9 Iraq War, 2003

Richard Barnett of the U.S. Navy Hospital holds this child after she got separated from her family in a fire fight. He just wants to make her feel comfortable. Truly, deep compassionate acts come out when children are in the vicinity.

Iraq War, 2003

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10 Chit Chat with a child

Just look at the happy expressions of both the soldier and the child when they steal some moments to chit chat with one another. A light breezy moment sometimes becomes the most comforting moment for people stuck in a war-torn country.

Chit Chat with a child

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11 Ukrainian Revolution, 2013

This priest is standing as a “human shield” trying to protect the protestors from the law enforcers. Look at the grit and determination on his face, now that is what we call standing for each other. Hard times tell the true face of people, and this priest certainly proves that he is correctly chosen by God to serve the God as well as his children.

Ukrainian Revolution, 2013

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12 Turkey, 2013

It is not only the security forces that help civilians to come out of danger zones; it can also be the other way round. Here the protestors are carrying this injured policeman to a safe place. No amount of blame game can kill the core human emotion of compassion.

Turkey, 2013

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13 Cairo, Egypt, 2013

Muslims are being protected during their prayer time by the Christians, who have made a human barrier, so that the prayers can be done without any disturbance. Collective compassion is a thing rarely seen in today’s world. And when it is seen, it becomes one of the most amazing sights.

Cairo, Egypt, 2013

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14 World War II, 1944

These soldiers are trying to console this little angel who seems to be really worried and scared after watching all the violence around her. One army man is trying to make her friends with a puppy, he knows she will love it and the puppy will also be there to love her.

 World War II, 1944

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15 Korean War, 1950-1953

Soldiers may be the most courageous people, but they are also humans, who feel the pains of a war. The hurt is not just on the physical level, but gets deep rooted in the minds and hearts of people and strongest of the people can also break down. Here an infantryman is seen comforting a fellow soldier.

Life is precious, and some doses of altruism, benevolence and care (things I would love to call ABC of humanity) can make it worth living even if the surroundings are not conducive for compassion. Those who show it, become the harbingers of love and peace, and keep that flame of humanity alive and burning.

Korean War, 1950-1953

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