The World most unusual models


Forget about those perfectly photo shopped young models that are smiling and showing off their bodies on the front pages. These models aren’t beautiful in that standard model cliche but, are equally appealing and work pretty successful as the regular models.

1 Eighty-five year old model that still models in lingerie

The society is obsessed with youth and beauty, and in most cases models like Daphne Selfe wouldn’t even be considered to be in any magazine, but she is a good example that age, grace and beauty can go together. This grandmother is in the 60th year of an extraordinary modeling career thanks to her graceful posture, striking cheekbones and her long, lustrous – and unashamedly grey – hair. At the age of 85, she is Britain’s oldest catwalk model, gracing runways for Dolce & Gabbana, Tata-Naka and Michiko Koshino.

Eighty-five year old model that still models in lingerie

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2 The Cross-Eyed Model Who Is Challenging Fashion Beauty Standards

Moffy is not like every other female supermodel. Yes, she is young, beautiful, talented and has the right body measurements, but there’s also something that sets her apart from all the other professional models. Moffy is cross-eyed. Most girls are denied a career in the modeling industry because of their physical “flaws,” but in young Moffy’s case, her strabismus, a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned with each other, was exactly what helped her succeed in the fashion world. Before her now-famous photo shoot for POP Magazine, Moffy had never been photographed for a fashion mag, but her pure, unconventional beauty seduced everyone, even the people at Storm, the model agency that discovered Kate Moss–they recently signed Moffy.

The Cross-Eyed Model Who Is Challenging Fashion Beauty Standards

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3 Former Marine Without a leg Enjoys a Second Career as a Fitness Model

Alex Minsky is another unusual name who lost his leg in a war. This war veteran’s tattooed, finely chiseled body often gets a second look, for how good he looks in his skivvies.

The former Marine-turned-model works out twice a day – a grueling maintenance schedule – but nothing compared to what he had experienced before reaching this point in his life. Four years before, he lost part of his right leg, and nearly his life, to a roadside explosive in Afghanistan.
Minsky, a Purple Heart recipient, learned to walk with the help of a prosthetic limb. One day, while training at the gym, he was approached by a guy who asked him if he had ever worked as a model. That guy was photographer Tom Cullis. A year after his first photo shoot, Minsky is still heating up the Internet with photos of his tattooed and ripped body.

Former Marine Without a leg Enjoys a Second Career as a Fitness Model

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4 Tallest female model

Amazon Eve is the world’s tallest model. She is also known as Erika Ervin, totally dwarfs the majority of men and women she encounters as she stands at a towering 2 meters. Erika first appeared on the Zoo Weekly magazine front cover. She has also worked as a political lobbyist, paralegal, personal trainer. Additionally, she makes money by challenging men to wrestle her for a $400 fee.

As a child Eve was always tall. By the age of 14 and already at 1.75 meters tall and she towered over her classmates and teachers. Over the next five years, Eve suffered terrible growing pains as she shot up 20 cm, and by 19 stood at her current height of 2 meters. She eventually took up acting classes to boost her confidence. She dreamed of being a Hollywood star, but the main parts she was called for were for roles as aliens or monsters. In 2013, Eve landed a role as Shelley Godfrey in the hit T.V series Hemlock Grove.

Tallest female model

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5 The plus size models with the world’s largest hips

Mikel Ruffinelli resides Los Angeles, USA, and holds the record for world’s biggest hips, measuring more than 2.5 meters around around. The mother of four kids has struggles to get through doorways and needs two seats on planes. Mikel, drives a truck because her more than 200 kilograms frame cannot squeeze into a car. She also needs a reinforced chair at home. She wasn’t always overweight. She only weight 63 kilograms as a teenager. But she is proud of her figure and does not want to lose weight, even though she often attracts jeers. She models for a website that features big and beautiful women, earning $1,000 per shoot.

The plus size models with the world’s largest hips

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