The top 10 wealthiest Presidents in the American history

As the most powerful man on earth, The US President also needs sufficient financial backing to support his wealthy status. Ironically however, although President Obama himself is worth a cool 7 million dollars, he doesn’t even stand close to any in this list of the richest presidents in US history.

How then would you gauge the worth of a US president in terms of monetary value? It certainly does not come from the perks he receives while in office. While a president’s salary is approximately 400000 dollars a year, the actual riches from wealthy presidents came from inheritance, pre-presidential business and of course exorbitant salaries being the norm just after independence. Here is the list of the top 10 wealthiest presidents of the USA.

1 George Washington (1789-1797) Net worth: $ 525 million

The first president of the USA, General George Washington still remains on record as the wealthiest president of the country. The owner of 7500 acres of prime farm land on Mount Vernon made George Washington’s net asset value an incredible $525 million. His landowner status during pre-independence increased his monetary value to a large extent when he was sworn into office.

George Washington (1789-1797) Net worth $ 525 million

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