The Simpsons are downright pop culture inventors. We enjoy their work and they amazingly predicted some cool stuff for future


The Simpsons is an animated comedy show that began in 1989 and holds the record for the longest running comedy show ever.

During its years of entertaining fans, it has become the definition of “pop culture television”, and with the level of writers that work so hard in order to make us laugh, it is completely believable that they were able to use things in their show that somehow became reality. It felt like the show could predict stuff that was going to happen in the future. And the most bizarre thing is the level of accuracy it has.

Perhaps these 6 instances will make you believe that “The Simpsons Did It”.

1 The 9/11

9/11 was possibly the most devastating event to ever happen in modern USA; it not only cost valuable lives in both the World Trade Centers, but also the lives of the passengers in those planes that were crashed into WTC and the Pentagon.

Simpsons kind of gave a premonition of the date in their 1997 episode “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson”, aired on September 21st 1997 in which Homer must go to The World Trade Center after nonpayment of his parking tickets.

The forecast as showed is thought-provoking because the price of the magazine matches with the building’s location.

The 9/11

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2 The iPod

The intercom that is seen at the gate in the 1996 episode “Bart After Dark”, looks uncannily akin to the 2001 Apple iPod. May be its possible that Apple got inspiration to innovate from the Simpsons.

The iPod

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3 The tablet

On their episode “Lisa On Ice” in 1994, Kerney asks Dolph to jot down a note on his Apple digital assistant.

The problem was that Apple was still trying to sell its desktop and was not big on the whole touch screen thing. But an Apple engineer Scoot Forstall was looking to find an innovative way to get rid of the keyboard from the hand held PDA and found this episode from the Simpsons to develop the touch screen technology.

The tablet

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4 Farmville

The 1998 episode “Bart Carny” featured a display that illustrates a game called Yard Work Simulator. Now this is creepily alike to the immensely popular Facebook game “Farmville”, a game that has become a total nuisance like disease in our lives.


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5 Vegetable mutation

The 1999 episode E-I-E-I (Annoyed Grunt) featured the classic ‘tomacco’ (an addictive tomato and tobacco hybrid) story track and the whole radiation on the farm which made the tomatoes to glow. The cartoon became reality in 2011, when a company in Japan announced that they were successful in mutating vegetables using radiation.

 Vegetable mutation

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6 Everything in 3D

The 2005 episode Future Drama depicted a scenario in which Marge takes a photo of a couple and after 10 seconds of activity, the thing turns into cake. We have the technology now that is called the #D printer. You only need to take an image of something and the printer prints it in 3D form.

Everything in 3D

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7 Most horrible Batman Movie ever

Before Christopher Nolan rescued the Batman movie franchise with his dark and gritty adaptation of the best detective in world, Joel Schumacher’s 1997 box office dud Batman and Robin had single handedly destroyed the Batman franchise as a movie option.

This was brilliantly foretold by the Simpsons in their episode “Last Exit to Springfield”, the episode unwraps with the McBain movie clip where the protagonist says “Ice to meet you”. The same line was spoken by the movie villain played by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze personality in Batman & Robin.


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