The Kiddle search engine is a child friendly search engine powered by Google. Parents can now heave a sigh of relief!


Google is known to be one of the best search engines among all, where you can find all sorts of information. The Internet has a vast storage of information ranging from good to bad and most of the parents do not like their child to get addicted to the bad stuff out there! Keeping this in mind, Google has recently launched a safe search option for kids called Kiddle. The Kiddle search engine is a free service that can offer peace of mind to the parents.

1 What is Kiddle?

Kiddle has been recently powered by Google safe search option. It is a visual search engine that keeps your children away from some of the most inquisitive topics on the web such as adult topics.Even though this search engine is almost similar to the Google’s original search engine, there are a few features that make it comfortable and user friendly for your little kid out there with his head swarming with so many unanswered questions. Kiddle is known to be a child friendly search engine for those kids who love to look through the Internet often for numerous reasons.

What is Kiddle?

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2 What does comprise of?

The New Kiddle search engine comprises of the first three search results that would be specifically written only for children. They are specifically designed, handpicked and checked and rechecked by the editors of Kiddle so that children can read them. The first few links would be based on children sites, whereas from result eight on wards, the links would have adult and expert content that would also be filtered against particular keywords. Now how convincing is this new Kiddle search engine for children? Some people are debating over the fact that whether the search engine really blocks certain words and phrases considered problematic for children. Questions have also risen on, who these editors are to decide on what is right and what is not for the children.

What does comprise of?

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3 Kiddle provides you with a certificate of assurance

Kiddle offers search results by editors who know the exact interest of the child. The logs in Kiddle are cleared in every 24 hours and Kiddle is also not known to collect any kind of personal information. All the contents are absolutely safe for kids.

Kiddle provides you with a certificate of assurance

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4 What all does Kiddle search engine filter?

Kiddle search engine filters numerous unwanted pictures and images as well as pornographic words that are unsuitable for children. They also help to filter all kinds of nude content and adult content. Even if your children are over-smart enough, they would not have access to this kind of content on the Kiddle search engine. Apart from these, a few certain contents like explicit terms and celebrities including Pamela Anderson are also blocked.

What all does Kiddle search engine filter?

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5 The various features of Kiddle

When you enter the search engine site of Kiddle,you would find the word Kiddle written in the characteristic style of Google in different colors, with a colorful, alien planet surface in the background. You can also find a red android alien animated figure that is waiting to answer all the queries of children. The search engine replicates Google with the similar kind of images, different websites or links, as well as news, videos and blogs with search results that have been modified and designed for the younger generation. For example, if you type the name of a certain personality you would get the link to his birthday, birthplace as well as his hobbies, likes and dislikes and contribution to the nation with his picture as well..

The various features of Kiddle

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The search results are well spaced with colorful images and bigger fonts which are very easy to read as well. In case of an unsuitable word, the droid would come hovering saying, “Oops, looks like your query contained some bad words. Please try again!”

Welcome to the world of Kiddle with a variety of new features and contents that have been filtered for your kid’s safety and indeed it is the most preferred search engine for parents nowadays. They can now heave a sigh of relief while their kids browse the internet whole day long. Kiddle is finally here to their rescue!


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