The History was not as beautiful as we read

4 Roman toilets were a nightmare

Celebrate the fact that we have private toilets today, because there were times, especially in ancient Rome, where toilets were a room for more than one. Public restroom meant something completely different for ancient Romans. This meant that 50 people (or more) would sit in a circle (on toilet seats) in plain view of one another. Once they were finished, they would use a communal sponge which was dirty (yes, every user of the toilet was using the same sponge to clean their private parts after they used the toilet). We’re sorry to put this picture in your head. But we’re not finished – Roman toilets were pretty modern for their time but, they were far from what we have today. There was no U-bend and the toilets were opened directly into drainage channels through which insects and “biting creatures” were constantly emerging.

Roman toilets were a nightmare

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