The History was not as beautiful as we read


By saying that the history was not as beautiful as we read in our books, we don’t want to mention all the wars that were ruining the world, the diseases or the people that died because of all this. We mean literally. Of course we can’t compare today’s world with what was happening hundreds or thousands of years ago, but let’s just see the history from another angle. It is disgusting though – read at your own risk.

1 Medieval London smelled horribly

London in the Middle Ages wasn’t really a town with fresh and crispy air. The streets were the place where the excrement was thrown, together with rotting food and dead animals. In some places, the streets were effectively impassable. The river wasn’t either a nice place. Butchers threw rotting meat into the Thames, and blood was left to congeal on the banks in the sun. By the 14th century, the stench was so great that the King was forced to ban the slaughtering of animals inside the city. Besides that, tanneries were boiling leather, producing a stench that suffocated the entire city.

Medieval London smelled horribly

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