Take This New Test to Find Out If You Are A Super Recognizer of Faces Which Science Says Is Rare

Recognizing faces is easy for many but for some it isn’t. Then there are those among the few who can recognize the faces of even strangers who they may have never seen in their entire lives. For the select few super recognitions is like a natural trait where the faces of strangers even on the street are imprinted upon the brain like an image on an Xray film. Even if they don’t want to, such people can’t help recognizing a stranger’s face again even after years.


1An online test to identify super recognition abilities

Josh P Davis a Professor of psychology at the University of Greenwich in England studies the phenomenon of facial recognition in humans and says that those with super recognition abilities can’t help it. The doctor states that around 1% of the population may be super-recognizers. In fact, to prove his point he also developed an online test to prove who could be a super recognizer and even you could take it now to see if you are one.

Before taking the test to see if you are a super recognizer, the professor says that one should keep in mind “If you do very well then you may be a super-recognizer.” You could also enquire with his research team to find out more about additional testing.

Online test to identify super recognition abilities

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2Super recognition can be a creepy ability

One team of Harvard scientists commenced a study in 2009 which turned out to be the first study of super-recognizers. Four people who were supposed to have possessed the trait to recognize faces were studied. The four volunteers narrated to the research team how they could recognize complete strangers and family members who had been out of touch for years.

Super recognition can be a creepy ability

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3They could recognize actors whom they had not seen in movies

The four volunteers could also recognize actors whom they may had seen once in their lifetime and not even in reality but maybe an ad and then again seen them in a movie. The volunteers thought that their unusual ability to recognize faces was more a defect than a gift. They also felt that something was wrong with them.

They could recognize actors whom they had not seen in movies

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