Teen who weighed 707 pounds reduces to half his size with diet and exercise

Sedentary lifestyles and lack of outdoor activity are making children more and more obese. Adults too are no better off where one third of the US population is overweight. Obesity brings with it several diseases that could ultimately become life threatening such as conditions of stroke and poor heart health.


Take the experience of young Jacob Miller. Here is a story of a child whose experience with obesity has gone viral. This young teen weighed 707 pounds at 15 years old. Jacob was far from healthy but when this young Jacob decided to lose weight, it was a challenging and daunting task for him.

1 At 1 year old he weighed 52 pounds

Ice creams, junk food, burgers and fries were a major part of Jacob Miller’s diet till at 15 he weighed a whopping 707 pounds. Although standing tall at 6 feet 5 inches, Jacob was unusually large throughout his life. What added to Jacobs’s problem was a hormonal imbalance. At 1 year old he weighed 52 pounds.

1 year old weighed 52 pounds

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2 Jacob’s obesity resulted in being bullied at school and subsequent depression

As he approached his teens Jacob’s average weight gain was 100 pounds a year. Life became hard for Jacob and he had no friends. He was a target for bullies who constantly picked on him because of his abnormal size. Jacob felt isolated and was slowly falling into depression.

Jacob’s obesity

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3 Jacob finally made a decision to lose weight

However instead of giving in, Jacob did something that most obese adults would find it extremely hard to do. Jacob made a life altering decision. He would lose weight and lose it he did. Jacob’s parents sought professional medical help from the Cincinnati Children’s hospital where doctors suggested gastric bypass surgery. Here was an overweight teen who weighed 707 pounds but lost weight from his own firm sense of dedication and commitment. Till such time he did so, Jacob suffered from cellulitis, diabetes, heart problems and even fatty liver disease.

Jacob made a decision to lose weight

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4 Even before gastric surgery he lost 77 pounds

Gastric Bypass surgery involves surgically shrinking the stomach to reduce its ability to hold food. You get full after a small meal in vast comparison to what you have been used to eating. Jacob’s procedure took three and a half hours but was successful. But what was amazing about Jacob was the fact that even before his surgery he lost 77 pounds and all because he changed his own lifestyle and diet.

gastric surgery

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5 He even joined the YMCA for workouts

Jacobs bypass surgery helped him lose even more weight. Jacob soon became a YMCA member thanks to his grandfather who paid for it. Thereafter it was exercise and control over his choice of food. Jacob received immense support from his parents which meant the world to him. They stood by his routine every step of the way. His parents also removed Jacob from school and admitted him into a school with an improved and understanding social culture.

YMCA for workouts

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6 Jacob reduced within a year

Within a year Jacob was reduced to half his size. Here was a young boy who rose to a phenomenal challenge and actually helped himself achieve results. Jacob’s dedication to diet and working out helped him lose 150 pounds in a year. He actually proved what fantastic results can be achieved from dedication and self commitment. Jacob soon started making friends and even went to his schools prom night and was seen dancing.

Jacob reduced within a year

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7 Jacob finally made it

Soon Jacob was slim enough to sit in the front seat of a car, something he always wanted to do all his life. He on his own steam finally made it. Jacobs’s story is extremely motivating and will put many adults to shame. This young teen weighed 707 pounds but that didn’t deter him from achieving his goals. He lost weight at an incredible pace and shed pounds to finally look great and the best part of it all, he did it himself. Here is an excerpt from his video.



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