This young teen purchased her own home and shocked her parents who came to visit


You don’t really expect a teenager to buy her own house do you? Well, Willow Tufano is unlike your regular ten. This teen bought her own house and even renovated it. As an ambitious young Girl, Willow received help from a famous celebrity to love her dream of having her own house.

This young girl proved to everyone that the stereotype of every teen is parties, music and movies. However when her mom entered her home, something happened.

1 She surprised her family by buying a home

Willow Tuffano bought herself a home helped by none other than Ellen Degeneres who gifted her $10,000. Ellen was impressed by this resilient young girl and thus helped her with her dreams. With the money, Willow started upgrading her own home. Willows story is extremely inspiring.

Ellen Degeneres with her mother

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