This home alone terrified teen dialed 911 as robbers broke into her home and this is what took place soon after


A robbery at your home can be a horrifying experience. We have all seen it happen to others and watched it on news channels, but the thought of it happening to you can be terrifying. For 15 year old Doyin Oladipupo, a robbery at her home found her alone and helpless. How did she deal with the robbery? Read on to know more…

1 Home Alone

15 year old Doyin was alone at home on the fateful day when robbers struck at her home. The terrified teen’s first thought was to escape the robbers.

Home Alone

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2 Doyin Calls 911 for Help

As soon as the robbers entered the house, a terrified Doyin quickly rushed upstairs into her parent’s room and hid in the back of their closet. She gathered up courage and dialled 911 for help.

Doyin calls 911 for help

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3 Angie Rivera Guides Doyin

The call was answered by 12 year veteran dispatcher Angie Rivera. She knew how to deal with the frightened child and tried to whisper as much as possible so that Doyin would calm down and listen to her words. A mothers instinct as Angie puts it, is what saved the situation.

Angie Rivera Guides Doyin

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4 Angie’s Timely Tips

Angie spoke to the teen in a calm and reassuring manner. She asked her questions about the situation. At one point she could sense that the intruders were lurking close by to the closet where Doyin had been hiding to save herself from being spotted by them.

Angie’s Timely Tips

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5 Angie’s Brilliant Plan of Action

When Angie heard the robbers sounds over the phone, she instructed Doyin to remain silent and answer only in yes or no, in the form of taps on the phone. She kept the conversation going on in the same manner till the police arrived quickly and nabbed the thieves. The police found Doyin hunched over in the closet hiding.

Angie’s timely help and Doyin’s presence of mind helped save the situation. Angie is hailed as a hero in her town and Doyin would always remember Angie that way.

Angie’s Brilliant Plan of Action

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