This teachers botched Nose Surgery is almost costing her life

It pays to be happy with the way you look unlike some people who have the misfortune of opting for corrective surgery but end up looking bizarre. Ilysse Baum 31 underwent surgery for her nose but admitted she began to look like a Picasso painting soon after.


If that wasn’t enough, the surgery collapsed 75% of her nose making it difficult for her to breathe. The teachers botched nose surgery has seriously traumatized her.


1 A botched up surgery collapsed her nose

Ilysee Baum a teacher from New York underwent nose surgery for a deviated septum. He was advised surgery by doctors but it was a completely botched up surgery. Her video shows her struggling to breathe with her nostrils closing as she attempts to breathe.

The botched up nose surgery damaged her septum so severely that even 14 doctors refused to repair it as they did not possess the expertise to do so. It was only on October that she found one doctor willing to perform a corrective surgery that would go on to save her life. In the image below, you can see Ilysee before her messy surgery.

Teachers botched nose surgery

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2 Teachers botched nose surgery has cost her a good job

Ilysee’s new surgery would require a procedure using cartilage from her ribs which would be used to repair her nose. She is now busy collecting funds for her surgery that would cost the former math’s professor a considerable amount. “My life has been a nightmare; it’s been a struggle every day.


IIysee was a math’s teacher with an impressive voice that could sound across a room of 200 children. However now she cannot speak and has even lost her job because of her problem.”I’ve been very eager to be back at work, I was very active but now I can barely walk around the block without getting out of breath.

botched up surgery collapsed her nose

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3 Her new surgery will give IIysee a new lease of life

For IIlysee the past year has been tragic. This teachers botched up nose surgery will ultimately result in her nose collapsing permanently if she doesn’t undergo surgery soon. Currently she cannot breathe without an oxygen device. She is in a constant condition of depression.

The reason she required surgery was because of her suffering form constant sinusitis for 10 years. She suffered constant headaches and required antibiotics once a month. Today after her surgery, her septum has taken on an ‘S’ shape while the right of her nose is caved in. IIlysee’s surgery will take almost 8 hours and cost $ 18,000. But she will get her breathing and life back. Watch the video.


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