Here is how to give bad Karma to a pickpocket in form of some glitter

Keeping our valuables safe when we go out on tours is one of the main concerns of every traveler. Most important of all concerns is to keep the wallet safe as majority of people keep their credit cards, identity cards, driving licenses and money in it. If a pickpocket picks your wallet, it means you lose all the cash money as well as your cards and identity cards, which can result in identity theft. But this guy has come up with a brilliant decoy trick that will sour every pickpocket’s day that picks this guy’s pocket. Check it out.

1 Pickpockets and how to keep valuables safe

Pickpockets are everywhere in this world. It doesn’t matter if you are in America or UK or India or Brazil pickpockets are everywhere and just wait for you to become inattentive in order to show their sleight of hands to pick your wallet out of wherever you tend to keep it. It doesn’t matter for them if you keep your wallet in back pocket or front pocket on the pocket of your jacket, they know how to reach in and remove it swiftly and it will be too late for you to know what happened. Most of times, they will ram into you on the pretext of just slipping and will do their job in seconds. Some people have started to keep their money in their pockets instead of using wallets and keeping their money at multiple places on themselves. But this one guy has come up with a brilliant plan to give pickpockets a dose of their own medicine. Check it out in next slide.

how to keep purse safe from pickpockets

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