Take this image test and unravel the secret subnconcious fears of your mind

We all live with some deep rooted fear or another. Be it fear of the unknown or a phobia, deep within our subconscious mind, there is always something dark and sinister lurking about that sometimes threatens our sanity. You may be having deep fears of menacing clowns, bugs like cockroaches, spiders or even a fear of speeding or heights. How we manage and control this depends on the strength and peace of mind.


Now you can actually decipher what troubles you in your subconscious mind. You don’t really need a psychiatrist to do that. Just take a look at the Painting below which has been done by Vladimir Kush, an award winning surrealist artist from Russia. Once you have seen the image remember what comes in mind and then scroll down for the explanation of what your subconscious fear is. Mark carefully what image struck your mind first.


1 If you saw a knife first, then this is what it means

You have a deep rooted fear of terminal illness without you even realizing it. Not always are we aware of what goes on in our subconscious mind. The reality is very few of us have been awakened to the power and enlightenment that understanding our subconscious mind brings us. It may reveal itself in dreams and phobias or in anxiety and worry. You have a fear of suffering and are afraid that you may die from your illness any moment.


secret subnconcious fears

Image Source: www.healthtap.com


2 If you saw a caterpillar first this is what it means

As surprising as these sounds, a caterpillar signifies that you suffer from phasmophobia which is a subconscious fear of ghosts. You are afraid that ghosts and evil spirits may suddenly appear and start haunting you when your mind is at its weakest moment.


The fear is most prevalent when you are about to fall asleep or in a confused state. In other words, your fears surface when you are most vulnerable and this vulnerability make you feel as if spirits can attack you.

phasmophobia subconscious fear of ghosts

Image Source: www.seo-reports.ru

3 If you saw a butterfly first, this is what it means’s

If your mind registered a butterfly first, it means you subconsciously fear being betrayed, betrayal is a big issue with you and it is possible that people have betrayed your trust more often than once. You could have faced rejection in the past in the nature of a job or a relationship. You may have also faced a disappointment in something you desired or dreamed about. But this weakness is well concealed and hidden by you. It only reveals itself when you actually are confronted with the possibility of betrayal itself.


Girl on a beach

Image Source: www.picdn.net


4 If you saw an Apple this is what it means

If you mind registered the picture as a whole and an apple was the first thing you saw, it means you have a deep rooted fear of death. But mind you, it isn’t your own as you fear losing your near and dear ones. It is highly possible that you may have already lost someone dear to you which has triggered the fear of losing other loved ones too. That has traumatized your subconsciousness which can’t really bear the thought of losing someone again. This is why it has become entrenched as one of your subconscious fears.

image test unravel the secret subnconcious fears

Image Source: www.pinimg.com


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