Take A Look At The Child Who Has Never Had A Gram Of Sugar In Her Life

11Did the diet work?

The whole reason why Grace’s mom started her on this diet was for her to be healthy and to avoid any eating disorders problems that could arise later in her life. Her mom wanted her to have a strong immune system. When Grace grows up and feels the need to decide what she feels good eating she can do it.

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12How to teach children to eat right?

Shan has said that many parents don’t try to teach their kids to eat healthy food. This is why when children grow up they do not know what is healthy. Parenting your child’s diet doesn’t mean parents have to be all strict and never eating anything that is processed or unhealthy. According to the mother, it is all about eating what makes you feel light, better and healthier.

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13According to dieticians

Dr. Rosemary Stanton is a respected dietician who has a warning for other parents who are planning on following Grace’s mom’s diet plan. Dr. Rosemary has questioned the lack of grains and legumes in grace’s diet. She also expressed her concern about the impact this could have on Grace’s health later on in her life if she continues this diet.

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14The response from Grace’s mom

Grace’s mom naturally didn’t take this response from a dietician quietly. She questions how someone could criticize the diet when it is completely natural and healthy. She believes that the diet her child is on is good and healthy and not full of empty calories like most other children. She says that people have criticized her upbringing due to her diet but never say a word to the parent’s who five their children anything and everything bad they want.

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15A tip for other parents

This story isn’t a layout or guide to how you need to regulate your child’s diet but is an inspiring story on how you can make your child eat healthily. You don’t have to restrict everything they eat except for fruits and vegetables but you can keep out processed foods and products that have excessive sugar. If your child grows up on a healthy diet, they will grow stronger and their immune system will also be stronger.

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