Take A Look At The Child Who Has Never Had A Gram Of Sugar In Her Life

6Ms. Cooper’s past

Grace’s mother had suffered from a long battle with food allergies all her life. She had to work and rework her diet several times to get around this problem and had already removed gluten, dairy, and finally processed foods. After Grace was born, the mom wanted to carry the fruit and vegetable loaded diet onto the next generation.

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7The New diet

The diet Grace’s mother put on her since her birth has no grains, and zero dairy products. There isn’t a single hint of sugar and no processed products. The diet is full of nutrient-heavy fruits and vegetables. This helps strengthen the body’s immune system and has for Grace’s immune system. The mother has recorded many improvements in her child’s health.

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8Is Grace healthier?

Grace’s mother has seen the difference between her child and other children. When Grace plays with the other children who are sick with coughs and runny noses and can spread germs easily, Grace doesn’t catch these ailments. Even though Grace was just a child she has only fallen sick just one time which is an extraordinary feat for a child.

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9Is it the child’s fault or the parent’s?

According to Grace’s mom, it is the fault is on the parent’s part for the poor health of the new generation. She believes that children are intuitive eaters but the parents are the emotional ones who let their children eat whatever they ask for even if the parent’s know it is bad for the child. Grace is now 2 and a half years old and with no sugar, in her diet, she is still a healthy, active and actually more vital than the other kids.

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10Grace’s future

Grace’s mom knows that her child is very young now and her diet can be controlled but soon she will be old enough to know she can choose whatever she wants to eat. She can come home one day and say she ate 12 cupcakes and didn’t feel very well. Grace’s mom just wants her child to eat whatever makes her feel good.

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