Have you ever noticed several symbols on your mobile charger? Here’s what they mean

When you buy a mobile phone, are you too engrossed in its remarkable features or do you ever inspect all of its accessories. Not many of us even think of looking at the battery and its specifications. Even when browsing for cellphones online, the battery is the least investigated. This is most surprising especially when most mobile batteries never display 100% charge for more than a few minutes.


Even the best phone will start struggling with problems of battery life and before you know it, you’re constantly anxious for a charging point even when you’re out. Well take a look at the various symbols on a mobile charger; they do mean something and not just fashionable designs of the manufacturer.

1 The Big CE

The big CE mark is a declaration symbol standing for the French abbreviation Conformite Europeene which means that the device conforms to European standards of manufacturing certifying that the device complies with all regulations required by European directives for safety, health and environmental protection. This enables Asian produced cell phones to be sold in Europe.

The Big CE

Image Source: www.ducoterra.com

2 The Dustbin Mark

The Dustbin mark is definitely meant for you but frankly I doubt if anyone follows this. It means you should never discard your chargers into a dustbin as it falls in the category of electronic waste. These should be sent to local recycling dumps to be recycled as regulated by the waste electronic and electrical equipment directives.

The Dustbin Mark

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

3 The House Symbol

This is an indication that the device is meant for domestic indoor use only and not for industrial usage. As it is a consumer product, it cannot withstand heavy loads in excess of its capacity. It also means it will only run on standard domestic voltage of 200-220 volts.

The House Symbol

Image Source: www.rajnikantvscidjokes.in

4 The Double Square

This is extremely important. Many consumers are habituated in buying local chargers. Local brands won’t carry symbols on a mobile charger in comparison to a branded charger. This means the device is insulated and is thus shock proof for your own safety.


The Double Square

5 The PCT Logo

This means the product conforms to GOST-R regulations. GOST stands for Gosudarstvenii standart which means standards set by the Russian state. GOST is a set of regulatory standards set by the Euro-Asian council for standardization, metrology and Certification or (EASC). This operates under the CIS or commonwealth of states.

The PCT Logo

Image Source: www.stroyventmash.ru

6 The V Symbol

The V symbol on a mobile charger is a level of efficiency. All these levels of standards are a mark of efficiency of the average branded charger. Standards differ from country to country and that is why different symbols exist on one charger. The various levels of major countries are.

  • USA-level IV
  • Canada-Level-IV
  • European Union-Level V

Its time you took a bit more notice of your charger to see whether you get one that meets all efficiency standards and that also applies most to your own safety of course.

The V Symbol

Image Source: www.globalspec.com


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