Swimmers create history by completing the first ever dangerous swim across the Dead Sea for a Stunning Reason

Swimming across the Dead Sea is no ordinary feat; in fact it has never been attempted before until now. The main reason being that the saline content of the water can kill you. However that did not deter a group of 25 swimmers from all over the world to become the first group of people to swim across the Dead Sea from Jordan to Israel in just 7 hours.


That is indeed a world record and an indomitable feat as they risked their lives for the accomplishment.

1 A historic event attempted for the first time in history

The historic event held on last Tuesday the 15th November included swimmers from various parts of the world including Israel. It was held to raise awareness of the declining levels and deterioration of the Dead Sea.


The international group of swimmers swam the entire 15 Km starting from the coast of Jordan. The swimmers were advised to wear special gear and full face masks fitted with snorkels for protection from the deadly salt water. The saline content of the water could sting and burn skin and could also be fatal if ingested.

swimming in dead sea

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2 Organized to raise awareness of the rapid decline of the Dead Sea

Many of the swimmers came from neighboring Israel while others included those from New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. Among the group of 25 only three failed to complete the swim even though the conditions were extremely tough and not exactly favorable for swimming.

The swim across the Dead Sea was organized to draw attention to the rapidly shrinking Dead Sea. Every year the level of the water decreases by a meter due to global warming and that is an alarming rate. According to British Swimmer Jackie Colbel who spoke to the BBC, “What a fantastic thing to do, There’s a message behind it – the ecological message of saving the Dead Sea, and how it’s disappearing.

Swimmers in the dead sea creates history

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3 The lowest place on earth

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth located at 423 meters below sea level. It has shrunk by almost 25 meters over the last 30 years where the Lake’s southern basin which was disconnected from the shrinking northern side is always flooded because of the presence of growing industrialization. Environmentalists attribute the shrinking water to unsustainable water management and increasing exploitation of the Sea’s minerals.

The lowest place on earth

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4 Organized as a joint effort between Israel, Jordan and Palestine

The swim was sponsored by EcoPeace an Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian NGO working for the preservation of the environment and the Tamar regional Council which is the local governing body of the area.


Several swimmers waited near the shoreline for the others to complete so that the group could finish the historic event together. Said Jean Craven a swimmer who runs a charity for Children in South Africa. ‘I must say that I did not expect this swim to be so hard and what were really, really tough conditions is that salt. During the swim across the Dead Sea, music blared from powerful speakers belting out ‘we are the Champions’ the famous hit by rock band Queen.

Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian NGO

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