Swimmers create history by completing the first ever dangerous swim across the Dead Sea for a Stunning Reason


Swimming across the Dead Sea is no ordinary feat; in fact it has never been attempted before until now. The main reason being that the saline content of the water can kill you. However that did not deter a group of 25 swimmers from all over the world to become the first group of people to swim across the Dead Sea from Jordan to Israel in just 7 hours.

That is indeed a world record and an indomitable feat as they risked their lives for the accomplishment.

1 A historic event attempted for the first time in history

The historic event held on last Tuesday the 15th November included swimmers from various parts of the world including Israel. It was held to raise awareness of the declining levels and deterioration of the Dead Sea.


The international group of swimmers swam the entire 15 Km starting from the coast of Jordan. The swimmers were advised to wear special gear and full face masks fitted with snorkels for protection from the deadly salt water. The saline content of the water could sting and burn skin and could also be fatal if ingested.

swimming in dead sea

Image Source: www.financialexpress.com


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