9 Survival myths which can actually get you in trouble and hurt you

There are some age old traditional survival strategies which are drummed in to our heads from school in case we are caught unguarded in the wild; while most of them did work 50 years ago, they do not now. Thankfully, here are some survival myths that we have busted with alternate solutions for them that are actually effective.


1 First Aid for a Snake Bite

The school book says to suck the bitten area to stop the flow of venom on to the rest of the body but in reality the most important thing to do is to call for an ambulance and take the patient to the hospital immediately because the venom enters the blood stream quite fast and trying to suck it will get the poison your mouth and esophagus. The best way is to try to remain calm, make the patient drink a lot of water and get to a hospital FAST.


First Aid for a Snake Bite

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2 What to do when lost in the forest

Old rules say if you are lost then always stick to the area where you’ll get some food, which is MYTH because a human body can live without soled food up to 6 weeks so MORE important thing is to find a source of drinkable water and creating a shelter from extreme temperature and weather vagaries are more important.

What to do when lost in the forest

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3 How to Build a Safe Shelter?

Before you get all excited to make a Swiss family Robinson shelter, please be more aware of your surroundings and your resources. Just building any lean-to is not enough as it must protect you from rain, wind, snow or storms. Cold ground alone can suck the heat right out of you if you do not have any insulator layers underneath your body and between the grounds.

How to Build a Safe Shelter

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4 How to find water in the desert?

If we get stuck in a desert how do we live with our parched throats and survive? We have seen it on TV and movies but in reality the facts of survival are a bit different. Well the rule book says fluid in any cactus can save us from dying as it has life saving fluids which is a big survival myth as most of the cacti are poisonous and make you vomit and lose more of body fluid and dehydrated. In fact it’s only few specific types of cacti.

How to find water in the desert

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5 How to survive a Bear attack

The age old story of pretending that you are dead lying motionless in its way is way more inviting for them to kill you than not. In fact, bears do not want to attack or kill you unless you threaten them in some way so lay still or walk back slowly on opposite direction to give them the sensation that you do not want to encroach on their territory.

How to survive a Bear attack

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6 How to know which plants are safe to eat and which are toxic

Our old rule book again wrongly tells us that berries which other wild animals are eating can be safe for us which cannot be further than truth as their digestive systems are way stronger than ours. Stick to blue berries and mushrooms which you can visually recognize and nothing else.

How to know which plants are safe to eat

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7 How to find directions from a tree moss

Traditionally we are wrongly engrained by our wise superiors that moss always grows on the north side of the trees, follow this trick and you are sure to be lost in the jungle forever. According to the weather conditions moss grows on ALL sides of the tree. Use the North Star for more reliable direction cue or even the trusty compass.

How to find directions from a tree moss

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8 How to treat Hypothermia

Now this is serious. The old bats would advise you to put the patients in a hot tub immediately which can be devastating and painful for the patient. Instead warm the person’s core up rather gently and gradually in order not to cause any shock while recovering the usual blood flow and cover up the patient properly. Not to forget the warm water bottles underneath the arms of the patient.

How to treat Hypothermia

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9 How to survive a shark attack

If you do find yourself in such unfortunate situation, ditch the old survival myth of punching the shark on the nose because usually many humans do not have the strength to do this daredevil act especially underwater. The best way is to shield your face by any solid object like a diving mask or swimming board between you and the animal. Also the best way to scare a shark…you want believe it but its true it’s to TICKLE its eyes or gills.

How to survive a shark attack

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