After a successful and Historical delivery she finds her belly covered in huge bruises. Doctors explain why!!

In 2013, a woman called Guillermo Garcia made headline news after she gave birth to FIVE KIDS!!! Yes FIVE!! Three baby girl and two baby boys. She had quintuplets but!! The biggest problem was that her belly was covered in bruises, WHY?


Guillermo Garcia successfully gave birth to quintuplets in Utah University Hospital, Salt Lake City. However, all of them were required to stay at the hospital for six weeks intensive care all because they were born 7 weeks after their due date.

1 Why her stomach was badly bruised

Gullermina Garcia named her children Esmerelda, Fatima, Marissa, Fernando and Jordan. They were healthy no doubt but they still need to be in convalescence because of their prolonged stay in the Mother’s womb. Doctors pronounced all the kids healthy and stated they would all live normal lives but what about Guillermina. The fact that her belly was covered in bruises and large ones too wasn’t exactly puzzling.


She was just 34. It was because of her age that doctors felt that because of the prolonged stay in the womb. It was this that may have stretched the mother’s belly too much causing the giant bruises.

Gullermina Garcia's kids

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2 The reasons for bruising but she was happy nevertheless

As per medical conditions, women posts thirty are prone to have multiple babies. But as much as it can cause excitement and joy because of its rarity, it can also take a huge toll on the mother’s health. Ruptured blood vessels on the skin surface due to stretching is what caused the bruises on Guillermina’s stomach. In fact in such conditions, a woman’s abdominal skin can become so fragile that it could bruise even by cloth rubbing on the skin.

In multiple pregnancies constant prenatal checkups are mandatory. The video below takes you through Guillermina’s remarkable journey from ultrasound to delivery. Despite her belly covered in bruises, quintuplets are rare and so this is to share with you the joy of the family.


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