The story of these Submerged Sunken Cities around the world will amaze you


Disasters aren’t always natural. Sometimes Man is also responsible for the most foolish of disasters, resulting in loss of life and property in large numbers. Around the world exist sunken cities submerged either by burst dams, inaccurate planning or freakish rainfall. Some of these locations have been submerged for more than thirty years underwater but have been fortunate enough to resurface due to receding water only to reveal desolate and devastated areas. Read on about the sunken cities, some of which exist barely above water.

1 Epecuen village, Argentina

This village in Argentina was once a bustling little town and a big tourist attraction for locals. It was located on the shore of a salt lake in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In November,1985, unusual and devastating weather resulted in torrential rainfall that caused the nearby lake to overflow. The protective wall around the town gave way and was subsequently submerged by the onrushing deluge. The population was forced to flee after which the town remained submerged for thirty years till waters receded recently to reveal a desolate wasteland of dead trees and destruction. There were even rusty artifacts strewn all over, including a graveyard.

Epecuen village, Argentina

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