Astonishingly huge lake discovered beneath Antarctica

Antarctica holds a myriad of secrets just waiting to be revealed. Millions of years ago in prehistoric times, Antarctica was not the large Ice sheet it is today. It was a large forest cover and host to a variety of flora and fauna, proof of which are in the many fossils found there till today. Did you know that the largest canyon system of the world exists in Antarctica? Scientists affirm the fact that dozens of meteorite samples lie waiting to be excavated in Antarctica, formed billions of years ago from the early days of the solar system.

To add to the excitement of Antarctica, Geologists have made the most amazing discovery of recent times. A second subglacial lake discovered beneath Antarctica gives rise to many theories that beneath Antarctica lies a kingdom of lakes, rocky slopes and even mountain ranges.

1 Second Major Discovery since Lake Vostock in Antarctica

When researchers discovered the largest underwater lake Vostok, which had existed beneath the ice sheet of Antarctica for almost 25 million years, little did they know that it was just the start of Antarctica’s secret realm.

The second lake is now another trophy to the collection of gems that are being revealed beneath Antarctica. The discovery was revealed at the conference meeting of European Geophysical Union (EGU) in Vienna on 17th of April this year.


The all important and fascinating discovery was made by an international team of scientists who were also responsible for another major discovery last year, the existence of the world’s largest canyon beneath Antarctica.

Second Major Discovery since Lake Vostock in Sub Glacial Antarctica

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