16 Striking Photographs That Bring History Back To Life

13Otto Frank, the father of Anne Frank, revisiting the attic where they hid from the Nazis. He was the only surviving family member

This is a heart wrenching and solemn picture taken of Otto Frank (father of the famous Anne Frank) when he revisited the attic in which he hid his family for years against the Nazis. His family was finally discovered and sent to the concentration camps where their lives ended. He was the lone survivor of the ordeal and lived a broken man all his life. No one can comprehend the agony he has gone through. This picture captures a glimpse of his painful memories.

Image Source: fastly.net

14The first daguerreotype of Abraham Lincoln

One of the most famous presidents in history known as  “Honest Abe” probably because of his strong convictions in life such as honesty and integrity and his fight against injustice, namely slavery in the US. This picture is one of the very few portraits of a young Lincoln taken by Nicholas Sheppard in 1846.

Image Source: history.com

15The construction of the Golden Gate Bridge

When we think of America, there are certain pictures which float through our mind, like Manhattan and the Empire state building, the White House and of course the great Golden Gate Bridge. It took 4 years to build this colossal bridge (1933-37) which was the biggest bridge of the world till 196. It has captured the imagination of generations of admirers and is one of the most filmed and visited bridges even today.

Image Source: goldengatebridge.org

16The real Alice in Wonderland

Many have read the surreal fantasy story of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Carroll had actually based his novel on a real girl whom he first met at a college where he worked as a maths tutor when she was 10 years old. Her name was Alice Liddell from Westminster England. Carroll was a family friend and noted in his diary the day he met Alice which was on April 25th 1856.

On a picnic with the family, Carroll entertained them with a fantasy story revolving around a girl named Alice. The real Alice was so fascinated with the story that she pleaded with Carroll to write it down so she could read it over and over again. In 1864, he gifted her at Christmas an illustrated handwritten version of the story Alice’s adventures underground.

Image Source: ww.biography.com

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