16 Striking Photographs That Bring History Back To Life

5Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and George V of the United Kingdom

Since their mothers were sisters, the Tsar of Russia, King Nicolas and Britain’s King George the V, looked like twins. Well, they were cousins after all and loved to be pictured in their impressive military uniforms.

Image Source: topsimages.com

6Girls delivering ice, 1918

This was the years of the Great War and all the able men from the streets of America were on the frontiers. Leaving behind their ladies behind, to do their hard and heavy manual jobs which they took on with great enthusiasm and élan. They actually experienced independence and liberty even in these hard and heavy jobs. The smiles on their faces say it all!

Image Source; superretro.com

7David Bowie at the age of 16

This angelic 16-year-old English boy was a child prodigy since the age 9 and by the age of 15 created his own band called the “Konrads’. Nobody knew he would become a popular singing phenomenon later on in life as David Bowie.  

Image Source: brightside.me

8German fraternity mirror selfie, 1912

In history, due to the 2 great wars, we have often pictured Germans as a warmongering race, one who could never smile and lived a Spartan life always ready in their uniforms and guns to fight. Well, this enigmatical and happy picture breaks that persona into smithereens as we see a group of German bandmates taking a fun picture of their group in front of a mirror reflection, you can say a 1912 version of a group selfie.

Image Source: yandex.net

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