16 Striking Photographs That Bring History Back To Life

Good photographers are almost guardian angels for historians as they capture an amazing slice of lives of past in history and take us all back in time and make us feel a part of the era with their nuanced pictures which truly speaks a 1000 words in just one shot! So here are 15 shots which have a great historical significance and help us to see past the aura created around us many even today.


1A soldier helps a boy get over the Berlin Wall

This is a heart wrenching but a picture which shows fear as well as the will to do the right thing on that face of the soldier who has dilemma written all over it. A small boy is pleading to be taken the other side of the Berlin wall. If he is caught taking the child they both might be shot instantly, but even with the deadly danger looming the soldier is tempted to save the kid and most probably was successful in his Endeavour. We will never know.

Image Source: www.lotsoflaughing.com

2Cutting a sunbeam, 1886

This picture shows the height of innocence and the idea that anything is possible if we just try doing it. This little girl is obviously in the attic of her house on a sunny morning and she cannot keep herself from trying to experiment whether she could cut those light streams with her scissors like a magical ribbon! The wonder or anticipation of the child’s face is beautiful to behold.

Image Source: memestatic.com

3Charlie Chaplin, 1916

This charming and good looking 27-year-old man exudes and looks a bit tired as if he hadn’t gotten proper rest for a while but still he smiles enigmatically at the camera. Who was to know this simple Yankee boy would become the world’s most famous comedian of all time, maybe even he didn’t know his fate when he stood for this picture to be clicked!

Image Source: brightside.me

4Mark Twain in Tesla’s lab, 1894

It was a well-known fact that Tesla and Mark Twain were very good friends despite their age difference. (Mark being 22 years older than Tesla). Twain spent a lot of time in Tesla’s lab when he was not penning down world-famous classics. Here in this picture, he is trying to dabble with Tesla’s experiment of rejuvenating electrical current. But it didn’t end well for him as he fell sick after the experiment.

Image Source: www.interestingfacts.org

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