10 Of the Strangest Images on Mars. Are These Aliens?

Without the viral stories of aliens and without alien hunters spending a great deal of time researching the minute details of every picture of mars, life on the internet would be absoloutely boring. Stories of how pictures of mars are flourishing with tell tale signs of alien life and weird designs and diagrams evolving from the pictures are near viral online. Conspiracy theories of how NASA is covering up alien life on mars are in circulation too. Why don’t you be the judge of that and watch these 10 strange objects on mars as outlined in photos of the red planet.


1 The classic Face

Back in 1976, this figure shocked the world and became really famous. It made its way in TV and books. NASA claimed the face was a result of reflection and light and wasn’t to be taken seriously, but various experts claimed it was an alien. Detailed pictures of Mars in 1998 proved the image to be an optical illusion.

 The classic Face

Image Source: www.imgix.net


2 “Marshenge”

Marshenge was the name given to stone formations found on mars that resembled Stonehenge. Alien Hunters had a field day when the images appeared claiming that Stonehenge too may have been the result of aliens from mars. However scientists claimed such rock formations were highly possible as a natural process.

UFO investigator Nigel Watson provided a more detailed answer saying that it was too far too imaginative to compare Stonehenge with the rocks on Mars. Up close they may just turn out to be random stones caused by Marsquakes which is seismic activity similar to earthquakes.


Image Source: www.imgix.net

3 The “Perfect” Pyramid

By far the strangest object on mars was on May 7th 2015. An image of a perfect pyramid was taken on Mars. While most people thought it was simply a rock that was shaped like a pyramid, Alien conspiracists felt it was a pyramid built by an alien civilization. They also claimed it was perfect in shape. NASA said it was most probably a volcanic rock that is a common feature on Mars.

The “Perfect” Pyramid

Image Source: www.therichest.com

4 Bigfoot’s Skull

A huge alien skull is one of the most recent objects to emerge from NASA’s images of mars. Photographed in June 2016, alien hunters as usual perceive it to be a skull of a very giant alien. The controversial report comes from a YouTube channel called Paranormal Crucible which claims it to be a strange artifact photographed by the Mars rover. Finally Mars has its own Bigfoot.

Bigfoot’s Skull

Image Source: www.galaxant.com

5 A Scorpion

The image of a scorpion like figure was thought to be something else by alien hunters. Although considered by many rationalists as an image the result of camera pixelating, Scott Waring alien hunter claimed it to be ‘huts’ which housed Martian women. Waring believes we have been brainwashed by the government to believe what they report.

A Scorpion

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

6 Star Destroyer from Star Wars

Now this was a classic one. What conspiracy theorists felt was the destroyer from Star Wars docked on Mars was explained in a more rational way by NASA scientists. According to one scientist working on the Mars curiosity project, one of the best things we found is that Mars could support life, (but) if anything we think its microbial life that’s possible at this time.”


Scientists attribute the perception of such images to a condition called paredolia which makes people see familiar images in strange places. This is common in humans and helps them recognize faces in a crowd. It is also a trait of evolution helping humans spot evolving threats to their environment.

Star Destroyer from Star Wars

Image Source: www.blesk.cz


7 Dinosaurs or Godzilla

As per alien hunter claims, the mars rover has provided several images as proof of dinosaurs existing on Mars. Several images of dinosaur bones, skulls and eggs were reported. By far the most viral image was a fossilized skull depicted on the channel Paranormal Crucible. The YouTube alien conspiracy channel pointed out teeth and a nasal cavity too. See for yourself. Is that a dinosaur?

Dinosaurs or Godzilla

Image Source: www.inquisitr.com

8 A Secret Martian City

The ultimate proof of Martian civilization was a city no less spotted by alien hunters on Mars. In June 2016, Scott waring went on to state that NASA actually concealed evidence of an alien city existing on Mars. He also said that the space agency minimized the image to thumbnail size so that people won’t recognize it for its worth. The black and white image is said to have building and houses with doors and windows situated along the ridge of a hillside. However he also admitted that it could be pixilated rocks. What’s correct??

Secret Martian City

Image Source: www.minhbao.net

9 The Dark Lady

Social media went Abuzz with the image of a lady spotted on Mars. The image went viral in 2015 and it was identified as a lady because of her large bosom. She also appeared to have long hair and was a petite woman no more than 10 cm tall. Scott Waring claimed she was watching the Mars Rover. AN astronomer from SETI stated it was just a rock squashing the high hopes of everyone wanting alien life on Mars.

The Dark Lady

Image Source: www.courtney-hunt.com


10 Aliens

One large evidence claimed by alien hunters about strange objects on mars is the alien skeleton that resembles the stereotype Martian as the little green man. In June 2016, a viral video showed what appeared to be a man or alien looking out from behind a rock. As usual the image was from the Paranormal Crucible.

The only real proof about the possibility of Alien life on Mars is the presence of Methane gas picked up by the mars rover. Methane gas is a byproduct of living matter.


Image Source: www.imgix.net


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