15 Of The Strangest And Weirdest Inventions In The World Ever

11Roller Buggy

Roller Buggy is a hybrid between a stroller and scooter. It converts the lower end of a stroller into a scooter and you and your baby can now zoom across the streets. The makers say that it gives a more sportive and faster transportation on various terrains and giving both parties a good time.

Roller Buggy

Image Source: www.topwelt.com

12Corner frames

The corner frames are new in way of hanging up your pictures on the wall. Made available by photojojo, this corner frame can hold up to 12 pictures of different shape and sizes and can be put on the corner of a wall.

Corner frames

Image Source: mamaknows.co

13All-terrain cars

This is an all-terrain car made in England in 1936 which could descend slopes up to 65 degrees. It had 10 wheels and a five-axel independent suspension. Wonder how much the service and replacement tires cost then.

All-terrain cars

Image Source: bigthink.com

14Pikasso guitar

This monstrosity of a guitar was created by a Canadian man on request of a musician who wanted a guitar with as many strings as possible. It was then named Pikasso Guitar and it can sound like a bass guitar, an acoustic guitar, and a harp all in one.

Pikasso guitar

Image Source: brightside.me

15Smart seat cushion

With people spending most of their time on their butts in front of the computers, you need a comfy chair and even comfier cushion. This cushion is what you need and the maker says that it eases you of back pain, keep the blood circulation strong, and keep a contented temperature to prevent sweating.

Smart seat cushion

Image Source: brightside.me


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