15 Of The Strangest And Weirdest Inventions In The World Ever

6Revolver camera

Don’t worry this camera on a revolver won’t shoot you dead, instead, it was used to take six pictures whenever the trigger was pressed. It could as it shot bullets as well since it was a Colt 38 revolver with a camera and was used in New York in 1938.

Revolver camera

Image Source: bigthink.com


Probably an invention that was not well thought out but looked awesome. The Dynasphere was invented by J. A. (John Archibald) Purves from Taunton, Somerset, UK in 1930. He was inspired from a sketch by the great inventor Leonardo da Vinci and designed that mono-wheeled electric car.


Image Source: www.taringa.net

8Radio Hat

The year of 1949 saw the Radio Hat being invented. Inventor Victor T. Hoeflich, the founder of novelty manufacturing corporation American Merri-Lei of Brooklyn, New York, introduced his “Man-from-Mars Radio Hat” in March 1949. It came in eight colors- lipstick red, canary yellow, bluish pink, rose pink, tangerine, flamingo, tan and chartreuse. Wish the iphones came in those many colors.

Radio Hat

Image Source: www.brainpickings.org


Dogbrella must be the most ridiculous and gobsmacking toy or product for animals. Hammacher Schlemmer designed this inverted umbrella for 15-pound or fewer dogs. As per the website, “forms a waterproof cocoon around a small dog, enabling canine and master to maintain a walking regimen in inclement weather.” Sorry, any user reviews could not be found.


Image Source: list25.com

10Coffee Mug iron

Meet Ironius or the coffee mug iron. The revolutionary product is designed to use your scalding hot coffee to iron out some of the creases on your shirts or handkerchiefs for that matter. That’s all it can be used for until your coffee is hot.

Coffee Mug iron

Image Source: list25.com


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