15 Of The Strangest And Weirdest Inventions In The World Ever

The human history is full of inventions that have changed the world. Fire, the wheel, telegraph, railways, cars, airplanes, telephones, mobiles; everything has had a contribution in changing and moving the world forward.


They have made our lives easier and that is the basic idea behind inventing something that makes things simple and easy to use. Many people in yesteryears and even today have tried their hands at inventing useful things, which they think might help people, but sometimes things don’t go so well.

Many of the inventions made weren’t really practical in usage, while some catered a specific stratum of people and others were just way too weird for people to use. We present to you 15 such inventions that were extremely weird and even some useful ones, which are just not what you would call normal.


Here are 15 of the strangest and weirdest inventions in the world ever

1Bamboo Wife

A popular product in South East Asia, the bamboo wife is a contraption designed to give single people the feeling of a companion. It is made of bamboo, is extremely light and is hollow, making it the best partner in bed for people to hug and cuddle it. It helps people sleep nicely instead of a pillow or blanket and you won’t feel hot at the night.

Bamboo Wife

Image Source: ukr.media

2Face reshaping mask

Japan is the land of weird and many strange things which are not normal in other countries are extremely usual in the land of rising sun. One such product is the face reshaping mask. The wearer uses it to couture the face into a smaller shape by wearing the mask. This happens as the mask doesn’t let any air pass through it and face sweats and becomes smaller.

Face reshaping mask

Image Source: aliexpress.com

3Emotion tracking mask

Seemingly coming straight from the imagination of the person who designed the Superman villain Brainiac; comes to this hi-tech next-gen device known as emotion tracking mask. This mask is designed to tracks emotion and changes itself accordingly. When a person is frowning, smiling and so on, the mask moves a special colorful liquid through its vessels.

Emotion tracking mask

Image Source: brightside.me

4Mustache shield

Mustache Shield is a device designed in 1876 for gentlemen of that time. It was patented by Virgil Gates and it was used to keep the macho upper lip hair out of the way when eating the food or drinking something. Well with the fashion of mustaches and beards coming back, this thing should be brought back.

Saving Face

Photo by M J Rivise Patent Collection Getty Images

5Selfie Spoon

The General Mills brand Cinnamon Toast Crunch has invented a selfie spoon to click grainy pics of yourself eating their cereals, or pretty much anything. The ‘selfie spoon’ is a selfie stick with a spoon at the end which can be extended up to 30 inches (76.2 cm).

Selfie Spoon

Image Source: thehansindia.com


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