Strange Stories of People Who Died From Objects Falling from the Sky

The adage of when your number is up it is up is so real in these stories. No one knows when something or someone will take them from the land of the living. One should never take anything for granted as you never know when your time is up.

1 Thirteen year old boy killed by a sacrificial goat

This past month thirteen year old Heval Yildirim was outside playing with his friends when a goat flew down from the sky killing him immediately. The goat had been bought by the boy’s father to be sacrificed for an upcoming Muslim holiday. It fell off the roof of the family’s apartment complex and instantly killed the boy. The animal had been killed on contact as well. The boys’ father was keeping the goat on the roof as he had nowhere else to store the animal.

Thirteen year old boy killed by a sacrificial goat

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