7 Strange and fantastic coincidences you won’t believe are actually true

Coincidences can happen in your everyday life in minor details. Sometimes coincidences get so uncanny that they defy logical reasoning beyond belief. Such incidents, labeled as synchronicities are strange and weird incidents that do not even abide by time. Here are 7 strange coincidences that are mathematically impossible to have occurred and could be counted as one in a million. Yet, they actually happened because every word of it is absolutely true.


Read on to get your mind blown away by these eerie and unimaginable coincidences that sound too fantastic to be true. Yet they are!

1 The Remarkable Case of George. D. Bryson

In 1953, when George. D.Bryson checked in to the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, he was allotted room no 307. When he checked out of his room and returned to ask the reception for any messages, he was given a letter that had his name and room number on it. George D Bryson.307.


It was a shock for the Mr.George of this story to find out that the letter wasn’t for him but for another George. D. Bryson, who had stayed in Room 307, just before him. His doppelganger?

Case of George. D. Bryson

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2 Strange Hotel Room Secrets

Irv Krupcinet was a reporter who was covering the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. When he checked into his room at the Fancy Savoy Hotel on the strand, he found in the drawer of the side table, several items marked with a name Harry Hannin.

It was a strange fact that Krupcinet’s friend was also named Harry Hannin, who was from the famous basketball team, the Harlem Globe Trotters. When he called up Harry two days later to find out if he had stayed at the Savoy , Harry affirmed it with a yes, but he went on to tell Krupcinet that he too had visited Paris two days earlier and stayed at the hotel Le Meurice. It was an extremely strange coincidence that he found a tie in the drawer with the name, IRV KRUPCINET on it.

Strange Hotel Room Secrets

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3 Mysterious Case of Separated Twins

This is an astonishing tale of two twin brothers separated since birth. They were adopted by separate families and hadn’t met for forty years. Finally, when the twins were told that they had a brother, they located each other. What they found out was amazing.

Mysterious Case of Separated Twins

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  • Both were named James by their adopted parents
  • Both twins were employed as law enforcement officers
  • Both twin were talented in skills such as carpentry and art
  • Hold your breath!!! Both had ex-wives named Linda.
  • Both of their sons were named James Allan
  • They both had a dog named Toy

And last of all, the weirdest fact was that they both had divorced and their present wives were named BETTY! How was this possible?


4 The Strange Case of Anne Parrish

Ann Parrish, an American author was holidaying with her husband in Paris in 1920. While browsing at a Parisian bookshop, Anne took up a book ‘Jack Frost and other stories’. She then felt nostalgic and narrated to her husband how she too had a book like that as a child gifted to her by her parents.

When Anne’s husband took the book, he got the shock of his life. On the inner cover was neatly inscribed in someone’s handwriting: Anne Parrish, 209 N Weber Street, Colorado Springs. IT WAS ANNES OWN HANDWRITING and it was her book which she found in Paris after so many years.

Anne Parrish case

Image Source: www.logicgoat.com

5 The King’s Doppelganger

King Umberto ruled Italy in the 18th century. One day, when he stopped to eat at a restaurant with one of his generals, Emilio Ponzia, he noticed that the restaurant owner bore an uncanny resemblance to himself. In fact their features were identical. Later the King found out the most astonishing fact, that they both shared the same birth date-14th march 1844. That wasn’t all. Both came from the same town and both had wives named Margherita. The day the restaurant opened was the day of Umberto’s Coronation.


On 29th July 1900, when Umberto paid the restaurant another visit he was saddened to hear that the owner had died that day. Believe it or not, within minutes of hearing the news, Umberto was assassinated. He was shot four times by Gaetano Bresci.

The King’s Doppelganger

Image Source: www.koro4.com

6 The Mystery of the Plum Pudding

When Emile Deschamps was busy eating his meal at a Parisian restaurant, he was presented with a delicious plum pudding, a gift by a stranger called Monsieur de Fortgibu. Ten years down the line, Deschamps found himself again at a Parisian restaurant where he saw plum pudding displayed on the menu. When he ordered the plum pudding he got an answer that would stun him. The last order of Plum pudding was already served to a gentleman seated behind him. It was none other than Monsieur de Fortgibu.


If that wasn’t the only weird coincidence to haunt Deschamps, again in 1832, at a dinner party,Deschamps was offered plum pudding which made him recall and narrate the story when who promptly walked in??? Monsieur de Fortgibu!!

Mystery of the Plum Pudding

Image Source: www.boredbug.com

7 The Mysterious ‘Double Exposure’Photograph

The photograph you see below is a copy of an original photograph of a young boy, the son of a German woman from Strasbourg who had him photographed in 1914. However, before she could get the portrait, war broke out in Germany. It was of course the World War I.


In 1916, when she was living in Frankfurt, she gave birth to a daughter and this time she again though of taking a photograph of her daughter instead. Of course this time she was lucky enough to get the photograph but there was a huge twist!!!

Double Exposure’Photograph

Image Source: www.marcianosmx.com

Upon developing the new photo, the studio found it was a double exposure and the present portrait was superimposed upon an earlier portrait existing on the plate. Could you guess whose portrait was it? HER SON!! Imagine the strange coincidental fact that the plate upon which she took her son’s photograph actually landed up in a Frankurt shop which was a good 100 miles away from Strasbourg.


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