The Story Of 12 Boys and Coach Who Got Trapped In Cave and Latest Updates About The Rescue Operation


While football teams of various countries are playing hard to win the World Cup tournament that is being played in Russia nowadays, there is one football team which is fighting for its life.

We are talking about the football team of boys aged 11-16 and their 25 years old coach who are trapped in the Tham Luang Nang Non cave complex in northern Chiang Rai province, Thailand, from June 23, 2018.

In these tough times, the whole world stands with Thailand and they are getting all the help that they need. The parents of the boys should be proud of them as the kids are showing no sign of panic even in such a difficult situation.


Here are the latest updates and the complete story of the incident:

1Rescue operations begin

The rescue operations started today at 10 am and 18 divers including 13 foreigners and 5 Thai Navy Seals have entered the cave. The operation may face challenges from the rain as it is normal to rain in Thailand in this time of the year. However, the former governor who is also the in-charge of the operation is quite positive as he called the international divers as “all-stars” and Thai divers as “five of our best”.

Rescue operations

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2A global rescue mission

12 kids and their coach may be of Thai nationality but the rescue mission can be referred to as a global rescue one as 13 out of 18 divers that have entered the cave are foreigners. Experts from various countries such as China, Australia, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, United States and United Kingdom have offered help from their side in this operation. Many companies of various countries have offered to donate the equipment required in the operation.


Global rescue mission

3The families are happy as well as worried

The families of those 12 kids are happy to know that the rescue operations have started as now they are hopeful to see their children soon. However, it has also increased their concern because it is absolutely clear that the operation is a life-risking and wouldn’t be easy at all. But still the families have kept themselves calm and it may be because of the notes sent by their kids from the cave.

families are happy as well as worried

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4Preparations for the rescue operation

Earlier all the media persons and others who were not required in the rescue operations were asked to leave the site. Presently thirteen medical groups, one each for the 12 boys and the coach, are waiting outside the cave with their ambulance and helicopter. Most probably, boys will be airlifted and will be taken to Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital which is 50 miles from the cave.

Preparations for the rescue operation

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5Preparations at hospital

It is being ensured that whenever the boys and their coach are brought to the hospital, they get immediate treatment. Five emergency response doctors are waiting for the rescue team to arrive with boys while 30 doctors have been kept on stand-by. The medical teams are also worried about the condition in which the boys will be brought to the hospital in view of the fact that condition in the cave is not ideal.

Preparations at hospital

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