8 Stories From Internet Users Which Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

5Age is just number if you are determined to do something:

This online user’s friend all of a sudden desired to get a medal when he was 41. He made efforts to attain his goal and got one and then another and there was no stopping for him. His addiction was so high that now he never misses a marathon or any other competition. His energy infected other people in the group too and all the members began to indulge in some game or the other.


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6iPhone as a present:

Christmas is a perfect time to gift your loved ones the presents that they have been desiring for long. This boy too wished for an iPhone and was gifted one during Christmas. He was undoubtedly very happy and was enjoying some of the best moments of his life with his family. After some time, he got a beautiful surprise from his grandfather.


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The priceless gift:

The grandfather gave the boy a small black box and he thought that there was nothing inside it. Nevertheless, he was asked to open it cautiously and when he took the lid off, he found a lovely bright tropical butterfly. The grandfather wished him a joyful and light year like that butterfly. Subsequently, he indicated towards the iPhone and said that the most significant and precious things in life are priceless. That is still an unforgettable incident for the guy.


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7Ruthless boyfriend:

It is not uncommon for couples to live together before marriage but future definitely is not secured in live-in relationships as no one is bound to take all the responsibilities of the partner. The same happened with a woman who broke up with her boyfriend and since she used to live in his apartment, he made her leave the place without giving her ample time for finding another place where she could live.


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Boss helped her out:

The woman couldn’t stop crying and all her colleagues including friends ignored her. It was then that her boss stepped in and after knowing her story, he asked her to live at his house for some time. When she went there with all her luggage, the boss explained the whole lot to his wife and she looked upset due to which the woman thought that she would have to live outside home but just at that moment, wife of the boss said, “What a terrible guy!” She wiped her tears and gave her tea. The woman managed to search for a new place in a week but these people taught her that humanity is still alive.


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8A typical girl from a rural area:

It’s the story of a small-town girl who was not very educated and was on the post of cashier in a shop. Her appearance was that of a typical rural region girl – inexpensive clothes, a little bulky in size, golden hair and pink lipstick. A handsome man of around 40 with an appealing voice and attractive personality used to visit the store on a regular basis. He was very jolly, used to narrate hilarious tales and was always gentle and nice.


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One question changed her life:

One day, the man asked her why she didn’t like herself very much. Something clicked in her mind as soon as she heard this and she decided to bring a huge change in her personality. She stopped eating junk food and opted for healthy diet which resulted in a slim figure and glowing skin. She began morning walks, purchased nice outfits and changed her hair color. She also started going to college and saving money for future as she wished to become a teacher. This visible transformation in the girl impressed her boss and he gave her a promotion, all thanks to just one question from a guy whom she hardly knew.


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