8 Stories From Internet Users Which Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Gradually we have reached an era where there appears to be no existence of humanity as people lose lives in road rage cases, there have been ever-increasing cases of theft, scams, robbery, etc., we often stumble upon the reports of women and children being ill-treated and what not. However, the world still has some good Samaritans who make us believe that humanity has not completely vanished from this planet and they make this world a better place to live with their good deeds.


Here are 8 stories from the Internet users that will restore your faith in humanity and more importantly, fill you with confidence and enthusiasm, as they teach a valuable lesson and inspire to do good around you, no matter whether you are directly affected by it or not.

1 A series of bad incidents:

The woman in her early 30s went through a series of bad incidents. Her husband whom she loved a lot had wrongly been convicted after which her mother-in-law forced her and her daughter to leave her place. Ice from the roof fell on her daughter due to which she suffered from a spinal fracture and got hospitalized. The woman lost a good job for some reasons and all these unfortunate happenings took place in a time span of merely 3 months.


Image Source: dnaindia.com

The spirit of never giving up:

Despite many unpleasant incidents, the woman did not give up and it was definitely her courageous spirit that she rehabilitated her daughter in a couple of years. She is perfectly fit and fine and is back to normal life. Her husband has been released and has got his job back. She too has found a job and even more amazingly, all is now well between her husband and mother-in-law, thanks to her efforts. This story indeed teaches us that we can do a lot and make our condition better if we are willing to, no matter how adverse the situation is.


Image Source: jakpost.net

2A needy girl:

It’s the story of a man who believes in honesty; however, his best friend always doubts on people and one day when they were taking a stroll, a girl came to them and asked for money. As per the girl, she was from India and was getting late for her flight. She reached the wrong place due to the mistake of taxi driver and she lost her credit card as well as phone.


Image Source: cloudfront.net

Honesty paid off:

The man gave her money so that she could pay for taxi and reach home safely. The girl asked his name and as she left the place, the friend said that she was a fraud. But surprisingly, she was an honest girl who belonged to a rich family. She added him on Facebook, returned his money and even invited him to visit India. Even more amazingly, she was ready for bearing all the expenses of the trip.


Image Source: www.curtgranger.com


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