Fascinating stories behind some very popular last names

4 Russell


Russell is considered as a very popular name in the present world. But it seems to be more fascinating as a last name. The name derives its root from the old French word, “Ros” meaning Red. You will be surprised to know that the modern words like rust, rose and even the nation, Russia are derived from the old French word, “Ros”.

But, if your last name is Russell, you might come from a lineage of redheads or with reddish skin and red hair.


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5 Perry

Do you have Perry as your last name? Could you ever make a connection out of the surname? Well, it is as simple as it means and probably that is the reason you failed to make any connection. Perry is an English name and means “someone who lives by a pear tree”. It is derived from the old English word, “Pyrige”.

The English name also shared a romantic link with the Portugese surname, Pereita which means a pear tree.


Image Source: www.littlethings.com


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