Fascinating stories behind some very popular last names

Are you eager to find more about your family’s past or any other information that is worth knowing? Well, what can be better than looking at your own surname? Last names are passed down one generation after the other and we get to know a lot about the roots and traditions of the family through it. We always try to keep the names of our families alive and these days we give importance to our maiden last names as well.


There are some fascinating histories about the eight most popular surnames in the world. Let us get a hang of them.

1 Lewis

Did you hear about Meiwether Lewis? He was an explorer who had set off across the Louisiana Purchase in the year 1803. The last name is apt to denote the renowned warrior and it is actually an ancient Noeman name Lowis. It was later changed and adopted as Lewis by the English and Welsh people and the surname is also associated with other European names as well.


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2 Allen

This name gets its roots from the British Isles. It is descended from the Celtic name, Aluinn and means handsome. There are some who believe that the name actually gets its root from a Gaelic word which means Harmony. Either of the two derivations doesn’t seem to be a bad legacy if you carry the name, isn’t it?


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3 Cooper

Is Cooper your last name? Well, you belong from the ancestral group who were responsible for keeping the sea travelers alive in difficult situations. The people were involved in the making of barrels, which was a very popular profession at the age of exploration. The sailors and the travelers were dependent to store their supply of food and water safe and fresh.


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4 Russell

Russell is considered as a very popular name in the present world. But it seems to be more fascinating as a last name. The name derives its root from the old French word, “Ros” meaning Red. You will be surprised to know that the modern words like rust, rose and even the nation, Russia are derived from the old French word, “Ros”.


But, if your last name is Russell, you might come from a lineage of redheads or with reddish skin and red hair.


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5 Perry

Do you have Perry as your last name? Could you ever make a connection out of the surname? Well, it is as simple as it means and probably that is the reason you failed to make any connection. Perry is an English name and means “someone who lives by a pear tree”. It is derived from the old English word, “Pyrige”.

The English name also shared a romantic link with the Portugese surname, Pereita which means a pear tree.


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6 Campbell

This is a Scottish name which is derived from two words. When both the words are combined it means wry mouth or crooked mouth. Campbell has been a very popular nickname for people cracking sarcastic jokes and for those referred as smart aleck in Scottish Gaelic.


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7 Clark

Do you find yourself with a better IQ score than your peer groups? Are your family members involved in scholarly activities? If your answer is a yes, it is probably because of the last name that your family holds. Clark has been derived from a Latin word which means a scholar or a scribe.

Families with the last name Clark have roots who have worked as a scribe especially during the era where majority of the people were unable to read and write. They acted as secretaries and clerks who were bestowed with educational opportunities on behalf of those people who were illiterate. In case, you find yourself to be a passionate reader or a writer, you might thank your last name.


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8 Graham

There are different origin stories associated with the very popular last name, Graham. It is no doubt considered a location name. There are some who believe that it is derived from the English town, Grantham. But there is a deeper meaning of the name as well. If you look at both the words, “Graham” and “Grantham”, you will find that both these words share the root from the word “gravel” which basically means “gravelly homestead”. If you have your surname as Graham, you must have a pioneering and scrappy ancestral lineage who survived almost anything.


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