Fascinating stories behind some very popular last names

Are you eager to find more about your family’s past or any other information that is worth knowing? Well, what can be better than looking at your own surname? Last names are passed down one generation after the other and we get to know a lot about the roots and traditions of the family through it. We always try to keep the names of our families alive and these days we give importance to our maiden last names as well.

There are some fascinating histories about the eight most popular surnames in the world. Let us get a hang of them.

1 Lewis

Did you hear about Meiwether Lewis? He was an explorer who had set off across the Louisiana Purchase in the year 1803. The last name is apt to denote the renowned warrior and it is actually an ancient Noeman name Lowis. It was later changed and adopted as Lewis by the English and Welsh people and the surname is also associated with other European names as well.


Image Source: www.answcdn.com


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